Tuesday, October 28, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Favorite Cartoons

When my little brother Alan and I were younger, our older brother John used to call us "vidiots." It was his term to describe us as idiots for watching too much TV. To be fair, he spent most of his time in his room playing Dungeons and Dragons, so none of us were making excellent use of our free time.

Alan and I used to watch TV together most afternoons after school and most Saturday mornings. There were a few shows we fought over, but for the most part, we took turns based on what the regularly scheduled program was. We didn't have a DVR, so we had to watch whatever was on. To make it even more frightening, we didn't have a VCR or a remote. We had to watch basic cable and change the channels with our hands like cavemen! WAIT! I remember...we actually laid on the floor in front of the TV and changed channels with our feet so we didn't have to get up. Commercials were a good time to go to the bathroom or get snacks.

In honor of International Animation Day, Lisa and I are listing our ten favorite cartoons, past or present. You are encouraged to join in and link up your own post.

I've decided to go with five cartoons of my past and five of my present. I don't always watch the cartoons with my kids, but I frequently end up in the same room with them, so I know what they're watching. Just like back in the day, some choices are more palatable than others. However, the ways of watching are much different.

We have a DVR, so I record certain cartoons for my kids. I only keep the most recent 5 episodes so as not to take up all the space. They are allowed to watch their shows and then delete them so new ones can record. They almost don't know what commercials are because of the way their programs record. If they need a bathroom break or a snack break, they pause the TV so they don't miss anything important!

5 Cartoons I Watched as a Kid

  1. Care Bears
  2. My Little Pony
  3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  4. He-man/She Ra
  5. G. I. Joe

5 Cartoons I Don't Hate Today

  1. Mia and Me-This has an actual story line from episode to episode. I feel lost if I miss an episode! LOL!
  2. Wild Kratts-My kids have learned so much about animals from this show. Just the other day, Benjamin crept around the sidelines at Henry's soccer game with his rear in the air, pretending to be a honey badger and spraying me!
  3. Mike the Knight
  4. Team Umizoomi
  5. Doc McStuffins-Frances was to be a vet, so she claims this is like research.
And just for fun:

5 Cartoons I Hope I Never Have to Watch Again

  1. Caillou
  2. Dora the Explorer (or Diego)
  3. Backyardigans
  4. Sid the Science Kid
  5. Lalaloopsy
What's on your lists?

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  1. You had me giggling with the cartoons you never hope to watch again and admit that Emma used to love Sid the Science Kid when she was younger and prayed for the day she would forget about him. Thank god she did and totally agree I don't miss him in the least! ;)

  2. Excellent list, Rabia. I love that you included the cartoons that you didn't like as well as the ones you did. My least favorite cartoon was Scooby Doo. Don't know why. I just didn't care for it. Thank you for hosting another fun week of Tuesday Ten. :)

  3. I don't mind Doc McStuffins, UmiZoomi or Paw Patrol! I LOVE Wild Kratts and so do both of the kids. I can't stand the Amazing World Of Gumball, Caillou and Sesame Street!

  4. Caillou is top on my list of terrible cartoons too. I don't like whinny kids in real life, so why do I need to listen to it in a cartoon! My oldest loved Dora and she has now introduced it to the baby. I have nightmares where the music playing in the background is "I'm the map".

  5. Yeah - I've had more than enough Dora in my life. Not sure my kids would be able to function without a remote control - the horror!!!

  6. Thank God I'm not the only one who is annoyed with Caillou and Lalaloopsy! Also, He-Man was a must for me when I was growing up!

  7. Totally fun! I used to watch.. everything. One of my favorites is from the 90's, I think - Batman: The Animated Series. As a little kid, definitely Care Bears and the like.
    I hate Dora and Caillou. Now I like Doc McStuffins and Sofia the First.

  8. I'm glad I have more control over what they watch. And honestly, they'd rather watch their specific shoes, so they don't often flip through to see what else is on.

  9. We loved Scooby Doo! My kids like it now too. So much innuendo!

  10. I've never seen Gumball. I won't be on the lookout for it! And I think Elmo ruined Sesame Street!

  11. Wild Kratts is just awesome! I enjoy watching it almost as much as the kids!

  12. I teased Frances I was going to make her a Dora party when she turned 11. The boys went along with it and we had a good time teasing her!

  13. I know. Our TV doesn't even work without a remote! Too many options!!

  14. Lalaloopsy just freaks me out! Frances likes it, but I discourage her from watching it!

  15. Sofia the First is cute, but I think Frances (11) is finally outgrowing some of these princess-y things.

  16. Stay away from Gumball and yes, Elmo is the reason I can't stand Sesame Street.


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