Friday, September 26, 2014

Five Minute Friday: Because

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Five minutes on because...


Why? Because I said so!
Why? Because that's what happens.
Why? I don't know!
We've outgrown the toddler stage with it's endless supply of "why" questions, but I still here it pretty often around my house. I have curious, ready to learn children and that's a great thing, but it does get annoying on occasion!
The questions used to be fairly easy. They could either be answered easily or brushed off. Questions like, "Why is the sky blue?" can be satisfied with "Because that's how God made it!" Where questions like, "Why do I have to go to bed?" require something more obvious like, "Because it's bed time."
As my kids have gotten older, the questions have gotten more difficult. "Why can't I wear these shorts?" "Why does so-and-so not want to talk to me at school?" "Why are those bad people hurting kids in Iraq?"

I don't have all those answers. I can't explain everything the way they expect me to be able to. Many of these things I don't understand myself.
I hope we can all take comfort in the master plan. Even if we don't have answers, we can ask for faith. We can at least be aware that He is in control of it all.
And then I want to ask, Why are there 16 pictures of Ben's pants on my phone!?


  1. Questions!!!! Yeah...I get those here as well! Sometimes I wonder how often I sound like a whining kid to the Father as well. Glad I can always learn and grow! Thanks for these words! Happy Friday to you!

  2. Yup, getting them right now while I am trying to finish up my blog reading for the morning, because Kevin woke up the girls before he went to work today. They are off for another day, because school is closed here, so I am sure I will be hearing more of these questions as the day goes on, too!

  3. Excellent. Because I said so is something I say a lot. I am sure my children just adore it. Always good to remember that we are not in charge ultimately.-Ashley

  4. Sometimes I"m in the mood for a deep explanation and sometimes "because I said so" is all they are gonna get!

  5. Mine are out for the day too. Cue the questions!!

  6. I know I whine to God a lot. I'm lucky he never gives me a huffy "because I said so!"

  7. I say "because" a lot. Because I said so; Because that's just the way God made it; Because I'm older and I know what's best. Because . . . . . Love the new look for the blog, too! :-)

  8. I definitely want to steal "Because that's how God made it." That's just awesome. Although my kids don't have a clue about any of that, so it would just lead to many more questions. Sigh!

  9. Oh gosh, I am not on that stage yet but I do have a hard time telling my son NO sometimes or make it most of the time. He is so insistent and stubborn (like me). LOL


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