Tuesday, August 12, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Do I Even Have Ten Things in my Closet?!

#TuesdayTen has been pretty good for my house this year. I've cleaned my van, organized the kitchen, and even gone through the contents of my purse. I joke with Lisa this past week, that I was going to have to clean out my closet in order to write this post this week, but...NO GO!!  I had a rough weekend with the kids and I'm still not feeling 100%, so today you get to see my closet in it's normal state.  Scroll on...if you dare!!

My closet is really small (like the rest of my house), so I'm not even sure I have ten things in it! But I took some pictures and I'm ready to show you what's there:

1.  My clothes--Duh!  That's what closets are for, right?  I hang up my dress pants and my dresses. There are a few blouses in there, but not many because I usually just fold those.

2. My scarves--A few years back my brother gave me a scarf for Christmas. I had never worn a fashion scarf before and I wasn't sure I was ready, but now I love them and wear them frequently.

3. My shoes--I wish I had a better system for storing my shoes, but the shoe rack I used to have is too wide for this closet, so I've just got them piled in a laundry basket.

4. My shoes that I never wear--This basket really ought to go! I don't wear these shoes very often, so they end up in the second basket. I promise to get rid of them by the end of this month!

5. Toy Time-Out--Sometimes certain toys cause more arguments than I feel like refereeing, so I put the toys in time out. Time out is the top of my closet where the kids can't reach.

6. Gifts--I shouldn't explain too much, what if one of your Christmas presents is up there?!?

7. Jewelry--Technically it's not in my closet, it hangs on the door, but that's close enough.  I guess is would be in my closet if I ever shut the door!

8. Bathrobes--I'm not really a bathrobe person, but I have a few and they hang on a hook on the closet door.  

9. Extra purses--I did recently switch back to a larger purse. I'm not sure if the move is permanent or just a fling, but for now the purses I'm not using and don't want to give up and hanging up here.

10.  Bra storage--We just quickly jumped into TMI-land here!!  I've read that it's not good to wash your bras all the time, so I usually get a few days out of mine before I clean them.  I do rotate them, though, so I don't wear the same one every day. If it hasn't been worn, it goes in the drawer. If it has been worn but it's not ready to be washed, it goes on the closet doorknob.  I'm super classy, y'all!!

What's in your closet? Do you have a walk-in to make me jealous with? Or do you want to commiserate on tiny closets? Tell me in the comments or link up your own closet list below!

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