Tuesday, July 15, 2014

#TuesdayTen: My Favorite Apps {Linkup}

There was a time long ago when I didn't own a fancy phone or play with expensive gadgets.  Then I got a job in a technology center and the floodgates opened!  I now use the more regularly than I care to admit. A very small part of my job involves helping other people with their technology problems, so it's best that I understand the ins and outs of what's available.  And what better way to gain understanding than to play around with the devices?  At least that's how the thought process works in my head!

There are lots of great apps out there for all sorts of different purposes.  Some of them are just for fun. Some of them help you get work done. Some help you keep track of things. These are 10 of my favorites and most frequently used apps:

  1. Cozi-This app is a great calendar that you can share between multiple people. Ken and I have icons for each of the kids as well as ourselves and we can easily tell at a glance who needs to be where and when.
  2. MCM-This app is one I wish I would have known about a long time ago.  This is probably too much information for many of you, but I have always been confused by my menstrual cycles and even with keeping track of them on a calendar they have always seemed off.  This app allows you to enter in your information on a daily basis and it will predict your cycles, tell you when you are ovulating, and even help you remember why you are soooooooo tired on a certain day.
  3. 2048-Quick and easy to play, but not easy to master. I've gotten the 4096 once, but I'm not likely to see it again (or go beyond it).
  4. Oregon Trail-This is my version of Farmville or Candy Crush. The stupid, addicting game I just can't stop playing!
  5. Relax-A white noise app is an amazing thing to have on nights I can't fall asleep or someone is snoring.  I can plug in my headphones, snuggle up with my phone, drift off to dreamland!
  6. Kindle-I honestly thought I'd never get used to reading virtual books, but then I started using it and I've become addicted. I can get so many books for so little money (and most of them free) and I don't have to give up shelf space for more books. Plus this makes it really easy to read to the kids in the dark and keep reading for myself as I wait for them to go to sleep.
  7. HootSuite-I figured I should add a few of my blogging apps here, since I do get a lot of use out of them.  I use HootSuite to access my Facebook and my Twitter feeds quickly and at the same time.  I like being able to schedule things for a later time even though that makes me look like I'm spending much more time online than I actually do.
  8. Blogsy-I found this great app last year in my desperate search to find something that would allow me to easily blog from home. While I do have access to lots of different technology, I don't actually have a home computer that I can use.  Blogsy lets me compose and edit posts as well as adding pictures where I want them while using my iPad.
  9. Pic Stitch-Great for editing pictures on my devices. It's not ideal, but it does the job and I have fun putting collages together.
  10. Facebook-I probably don't need to explain this one, do I? Hi, my name is Rabia and I'm addicted to Facebook.
What are your favorite apps?

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