Wednesday, July 2, 2014

If Wednesday is Hump Day Does That Make June Hump Month? {Resolution Recap}

We are halfway through 2014! Can you believe it??  There are some parts of the year that have seemed to fly by and others that have just dragged and dragged. I guess that's how it always is though.

Since it's the beginning of a new month, it's time for another update on my resolutions from the beginning of the year.  While I was composing this post in my head, I saw this hysterical photo from Science of Parenthood that sums up June perfectly!
I was so proud of myself for how May had worked out! I posted about my progress and almost instantly regretted it! My motivation seemed to go down the tubes. It wasn't until I really thought about it and actually had it spelled out to me that I've got a better grasp on what's going on with some of my habits.  Let me back up...

I was home Monday afternoon. I did about 5 loads of laundry in order to get caught up.  Frances was helping by putting away stuff too, so it's not just sitting around clean and folded. The whole time I was doing that laundry, it kept occurring to me that was I was doing wasn't actually cleaning, it was maintenance. No matter how much laundry I complete in one day, I will never actually be "done" with it because we keep wearing clothes. In fact, just to drive home that point, Ben had an accident at school and came home with two bags of wet clothes!

Yesterday when I left work, I mentioned to my boss that we were walking home, but after that I would be available by email in compliance with our summer work from home schedule.  Frances piped in and said, "You mean watching TV and taking a nap? Like yesterday?! HAHAHAHA!!"

Luckily my boss laughed, but it made me mad. Number one she could have gotten me in trouble.  And number two, I MOST CERTAINLY did NOT take a nap and watch TV the day before!  I worked my butt off!!

I was telling Ken this story last night as I was trying to motivate myself to go sweep and mop the kitchen floor. (I have assigned myself a long-overdue chore for each day this month.) Ken commented that I should take a break because I had worked so hard the day before. Something clicked in my head when he said that and I had an epiphany.

That's what I do! I work really hard one day just to get closer to caught up. Then the next day I take a break because I worked so hard the day before. It's a great justification for laziness, but it's exactly what gets me in trouble and keeps my house from being presentable. So last night, I marched into that kitchen and swept and mopped the heck out of it! I even made Ken give me a star on my chart. What kind of reward should I work towards if I fill out my star chart for the month!?!

Today's task is for everybody to clean off their dresser. Harass me for pictures this evening, okay?  I need some external motivation to make sure it gets done.

P.S. For a quick update on the rest, I will say that my weight has stayed pretty steady, so I'm happy with that. I'm still working on another 5-10 pounds, but slow progress is fine with me.
The money situation has some really good news, but I have a separate post planned for that later in the month, so check back.

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