Tuesday, June 17, 2014

#TuesdayTen: My Dad Rocks

We just celebrated Father's Day this past weekend. We took the opportunity to go visit Ken's dad along with the kids, Ken's brother and his family. We ate a meal together and the cousins got a chance to play with each other. It was a nice day to spend together and I'm glad we were able to do it. My dad spent the day with my older brother. Because of the travel I didn't get a chance to talk to my dad on Father's Day, but I did text him. For once in my life I was ready ahead of time and actually gave him his gift the weekend before when he and my mom were in town for Henry's birthday.

For #TuesdayTen this week, we are honoring fathers. I've written recently about Ken's great fatherly attributes, so today, I'd like to dedicate this post to my dad.  And to be completely transparent, I really ought to dedicate it to my daddy, because that's what I still call him and likely always will!

Ten Reasons I Love my Daddy

1.    He makes the best spaghetti sauce in the whole world! Seriously, I feel like I keep talking about it, but he does. I am upset because I haven't managed to replicate it, and since there's not really a recipe, I don't know if I ever will.

2.   He calls me June bug. He and my mom were in the Peace Corps in Afghanistan before I was born. In Farsi, the word June is added as an endearment after a persons name. Sometimes I am Rabia-June.  Sometimes I am Poopsie-June. Sometimes I am June bug. All are equally lovely names to me. When I see those pesky bugs every summer, I am reminded of my dad's special name for me and I smile.

 3.   He loves to read and instilled that love in me early on in my life. He used to read to us (me and Alan) in his bed until we fell asleep and then carry us to our own beds. I remember pretending to be asleep at the end of a book so he would carry me. I also remember the point at which he had to wake us up and tell us we were too big to carry. :(

4.   He has a great sense of humor. Frances touched on the topic of world explorers in school this year. When Christopher Columbus came up, she informed her teacher (with a straight face) that she was named after Christopher Columbus.  When her teacher asked her to clarify, Frances replied, "Well I certainly wasn't named before him!!"  She got that joke from my dad!

I had shown Frances the "sorority girl" pose and my dad was trying it out
5.   He is totally goofy and not afraid to show it.  See above, but it doesn't just stop with silly jokes. He does goofy dances in public. He makes silly faces. At one point I bought him a bumper sticker that says "I embarrass my offspring." He proudly displays it on his car. Actually, he bought a new one to replace the one on his old car after he disposed of it. Although, he has told me that my buying it for him partially negates the fun of embarrassing me. Point: me!

6.   He knows everything! DO NOT play Trivial Pursuit with him.  You will lose!!  Seriously!! We played once and I asked him a question about the capital of some country. His response? "Well that depends on the copyright date of this game.  If it was before 19XX, then the answer is _________; if it is after 19XX, then the answer is __________."

7.   He is laid back. I've rarely seen my dad frazzled. Even when he was about to have surgery last year, he was joking with the nurses. He seemed completely calm and at ease.  There was a time when my brother got in trouble as a teenager (actually, there were a lot of those times, but this isn't his blog...). Alan had the car and my dad had to walk to go get him. When they got things straightened out, my dad calmly got into the car and locked the door. As Alan started to get in, my dad calmly said, "I walked here; you can walk home." 

8.   He rarely answers my questions. I got frustrated with this as a kid, but many of my questions were answered with questions growing up.  He always tried to lead me in the direction of finding out the answer myself.  Working as a university reference librarian afforded him the opportunity to provide us with technology and books that many other families did not have.

9.   But he does do my research for me.  On the other hand, when I had big projects to do in high school (OK, and in college) he was my go to for help with making my way through reference databases. He would often help me to narrow down my search terms to very specific parameters so that I didn't spend hours trudging through useless books.
Practicing giving me away

10.   He's an awesome grandfather to my kids!  My kids love their grandpa. They love him for many of these same reasons above. He reads to and with them. He works puzzles with him. He takes them to the movies almost every time they visit.  He enjoys spending time with them, playing with them, and being goofy with them.

Do you have a great dad story? Tell me in the comment or link up you own post below.

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