Thursday, June 5, 2014

Resolution Recap: Marvelous May

OK, so I'm late to write this post, because I've been trying to do my recap on the first Monday of the month. However, just because I'm late with the post, doesn't mean it's bad news. It's actually mostly good news!  May was a very busy month with soccer, violin, ballet, and choir activities ending and having their end of season presentations and celebrations. It was an exhausting month, but I think having all the different events going on forced me to plan ahead better.

My resolutions that I wrote about back in January are still on my mind and I think I've made great progress on them. I've always said that these are not things I can "finish" and cross off my list. Instead they are new habits or behaviors that I want to be more consistent with in my everyday life.

Praying and being still are two that I feel like I'm making the smallest steps on. While I've been more purposeful in my praying with the kids, I don't really feel like I'm doing a good job personally. I find it really hard to be still when there are so many things going on. One issue that I deal with frequently is insomnia. Usually when I can't sleep I go out to the couch and read for a little while. Lately I've been trying to stay in bed and clear my mind, but somehow that always seems to make it worse.

Being more healthy is also on my list. I have been doing really well with eating right and losing weight. I finally have a reliable scale in the bathroom that is easy to use. I don't have a huge weight loss goal (5-10pounds) but it sure is nice to see the numbers getting smaller.  I've been trying to walk to pock up the kids in the evening and that's good exercise. I've also been working on a daily plank to strengthen my back and core. That has really helped with some of the back pain I had been experiencing.

I feel like we got a blow in May when it comes to saving money. We ran out of money before we ran out of month and I spent a lit of time stressing about how that had happened. I finally figured out that I had pre-paid a lot of summer camps and deposits for the summer, so while we may have run short in May, it should put us ahead in June and July when camps are already taken care of.

House-keeping is another area I feel like I have made great progress on.  I've been mostly keeping up with the dishes and laundry, but more importantly, the kids and I have kept their room under control and the living room has looked pretty great too. We are at the point that those two rooms need diligence, but not a major overhaul.  I even kept the kids up late one night because I told them they weren't allowed to go to bed with a messy room. They groaned, but I think they are starting to appreciate the space and being able to find things!

As for going to bed on time and wasting less time online, those two seem to have their days. As I mentioned above the insomnia throws off my sleep patterns pretty wildly and then I need a few days to reset. When I can't sleep I waste time online, so those turn into two sides of the same coin. definitely still a work in progress. The operative word being WORK!

What progress are you making on your goals lately? 

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