Tuesday, May 20, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Let Me Get You A Patch For That

A long time ago, I saw a deal online for bandaids and I jumped on it. These are not your plain, tan-colored bandaids. These are fun colors and patterns.  I bought three cases.  As in 24 boxes per case. I figured with kids around, I'd probably need them. As the days have gone by a wide-variety of injuries have been presented to me. Some of them are actual injuries that need a good cleansing and some antibiotic ointment. Some of them are somewhat imagined injuries, or injuries that bandaids cannot help: smooshed finger, stubbed toe, "bug landed on me!!" type things. These happen at your house too, right??

The one thing that has been constant with all these injuries has been my response, "Will a bandaid make it feel better?"  Nine times out of ten, a bandaid is just the thing to quell the tears. I have had them readily available. I've not been concerned with whether a bandaid was really needed. I understand the psychological value of a patch to put on a problem.  That's why, when Lisa suggested this topic it did not take me long to get behind it!

Think of all the issues I could solve in my life if I just had some sort of patch to put on it! Some patches are like bandaids: They cover up some sort of injury or imperfection.  Others might be more like a stop smoking patch; delivering a slow dose of whatever medication is needed through out the day.

Here are 10 patches that would greatly improve my daily life:

An energy patch
I would slap this patch on my arm just as the kids were going to sleep.  The patch only lasts one hour, but that's really all I need at the end of each evening. I'd do a load of dishes, a load of laundry and get some other general straightening done.

A pimple cover
Do I need to explain this? For you younger readers out there who thought you had escaped this stage? There's bad news? Hormones continue to act up throughout the rest of your life. You will still get acne, but when someone invents this patch, you can it to size and effectively cover up whatever spots you need to.
A sleep patch
This is obviously one to use sparingly, but there are certain nights when I am completely exhausted, but I know I won't be able to get to sleep. This patch is good for eight solid hours of blissful unawareness. You can even cut it in fourths for a nice weekend nap. Not for use on children. JUST KIDDING!! This is totally for use on kids. But only on Sunday afternoons when you've got an important show to watch or a good book to read.

A motivation patch
This patch is meant for weekend use. You place it on your upper arm on Saturday morning and then just putter around the house getting things done all day.  What a miracle!
A dark circle patch
Possibly related to the sleep patch, this patch will do away with dark circles under your eyes. I'm not sure what causes mine, but I'm going to guess heredity because sleep and allergies seem to make them worse, but nothing makes them go away completely. Except these fictional little crescent shaped patches made to match your skin tone exactly (because, why not! I made them up!!)

An organization patch
There are certain times when I am full of motivation on my own, but then I stand in the dining room looking at toys and I just don't know what to do.  So I could slap one of these on my arm and just go to town sorting and filing and purging.

A zen patch
You know those days when the kids are screaming, no one has clean underwear and your in-laws are on their way over? Yeah, me neither!! But if you do have those days, wouldn't a Zen patch be nice?  It's a clear patch you slap right in the middle of your forehead and you go straight to your OMMMMM place!

An odor-repelling patch
This patch is for someone in my family, but I'm not naming names. I'm just gonna stick this patch right in the middle of someone's back and repel all the smells coming from that direction; whether or not the deodorant got used!
An inspiration patch
Sometimes I get close to the end of one of the #TuesdayTen lists and I am one short. In cases like this, I could just slip this patch onto the back of my hands and watch in amazement at all the amazing things I started to type. However, since that patch has yet to be invented, I'm leaving my list at 9. Please don't tell Lisa!! :)

How about you? What could you use a patch for? Tell me in the comments or link up your own post below.

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