Tuesday, March 11, 2014

#TuesdayTen: What are 10 Essentials You Wouldn't Leave Behind in Your Home

This week's topic is a tough one for me! Lisa's idea was this: "You have to leave your house in a rush never to return. Other than people and pets, what ten things do you grab to take with you?" I tend to be a pack rat and a sentimentalist and save lots of things for no other reason than the memories they contain. I know that I could take pictures of things and have those pictures to look back on, but you can't snuggle a picture like you can snuggle the quilt your grandmother made you when you turned 16. My kids are picking up on those tendencies too, so grabbing just ten things out of my house before we leave it forever would be quite the challenge for all of us.

1. The aforementioned quilt. It means a lot to me and I love having it. My grandmother has been gone since 2001, so there's no way to replace it or get a duplicate made. I think I'm actually going to cheat right off the bat and saw that each of my kids' blankets and mine all count as one item. I couldn't bear to leave any of them behind.

10 Things I'd Rescue from my House

2. Besides the blankets, I'd have to bring my kids' dolls. I wouldn't bring all of them, but all of the Baby Tigers would have to come, as would Lemurty, Stripes, Benny, Jo Jo and Big Bunny.

3. I'd also bring out the crucifix in my bedroom. It's hung on the wall of every house Ken and I have lived in together. My mom gave it to me and it brings me comfort to see it there by the door and above the light switch.

10 Things I'd Rescue from my House
4. I would try to rescue a box of Christmas ornaments. The box that has all the handmade, memory ones in it. I'm pretty sure those are all in the same box, so it would be fairly easy to grab.

5. I'd grab a handful of toy cars and Super Heroes for the boys to have. I know they can be replaced, but having those would make the boys so much easier to distract if there was an emergency forcing us from our house.

6. In that same vein, I'd grab some of Frances' books or craft stuff to give her something familiar to comfort her.

7. I'd grab the "memory box" full of assorted papers and artwork. Then I'd be thankful that I'd never sorted them and put them in separate bins, so there'd only be one to grab!

8. My wedding album-It's not fancy, but it's full of pictures that I'd like to keep.

9.Our fire box. It has our vital documents like birth certificates, Social Security numbers, etc. I know those things can be re-created, but having them ready to go would make things a lot easier.

10. My recipe journal. I have a silly little spiral notebook where I've written down family recipes. I've even stuffed a few recipes written by my mom and grandmother. Having those things in their handwriting is special to me, so I'd definitely grab them on the way out of my house.


How about you? If you had to leave your house, knowing you would never return, what would you take with you?

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