Monday, March 3, 2014

Resolution Recap: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I promised myself I was going to keep track of my resolutions this year. My new motto is "Just because you fall off the wagon doesn't mean you give up on the whole journey!" I updated at the beginning of February, so I thought I'd update again here in the beginning of March. It keeps me accountable to my self and to anyone here who feels like calling me out. Feel free to do so, by the way, if I forget an update one month.


The Good

We've been good about our grocery spending. I've been keeping it less than $130 most weeks and I will admit to a happy dance the two weeks I got it {just barely} below $100. Accomplishing that involves meal planning as well as cleaning out the freezer, both of which are good habits to keep up with.
I've been going to bed by 10 or shortly after on most nights. This is a good thing because Ben hasn't been sleeping well and he's been calling out in his sleep a lot. I haven't slept all the way through the night in a few weeks, but I don't feel like a zombie yet, so I'll credit that to keeping a consistent bedtime.
I created a bookmark folder on my computer. Now I click out of tabs as I finish with them. After I take care of all the open tabs, the last X closes out the whole browser and I can start again. Someone remarked that they tried to chat me on facebook, but my icon said I wasn't online. That's HUGE for me, people!!

The Bad

My prayer and stillness have gotten off track this month. I feel horrible becuse there have been a few times when Henry's been sitting at the breakfast table saying, "Are we gonna pray, Mommy?" and I've been too busy to sit down and pray with them. Scratch that...I've not taken the time to do so.
Housekeeping got off track too. I was giving myself stickers for tasks accomplished, but I only have stickers for the first week of February. Recommitting myself this week!

The Ugly

My Zumba classes didn't get picked up again and I've spent way too much time sitting on my tush! I've also been eating more junk food than I should. That's a bad combo. The only reason my pants fit today is because they are leggings. {sad face} I found this online and I am going to give it a try. It should remind me to get up and move on a regular basis. Hopefully the weather will warm up and I will want to be outside too. Diet and exercise can work together to help me be healthier and dismissing both of them is a double whammy!
Are you still working on your resolutions? What are you making good progress on? Where do you still need lots of help?
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