Tuesday, February 4, 2014

#TuesdayTen: Super Powers You'd Like to Have {LinkUp}

I was Wonder Mom for Halloween.  The kids had all picked super heroes and I wanted to fit in.  I made up my own costume. I wore a lovely evening gown because Wonder Mom is ready for a brilliant gala or night out with her man at the drop of a hat. My utility belt had everything a mom could need: an extra snack for a hungry kiddo, tissues and bandaids in case of emergency, a diaper for those sneaky blowouts, some utensils for when someone drops theirs on the floor, and anything else under the sun that you could need.
Super Powers

Wonder Mom is, of course, a completely mythical creature.  No one mom is completely prepared for everything and we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  Still, it was fun when Lisa suggested super powers for the #TuesdayTen topic of the week.  I had a great time day dreaming of all the super powers I would love to have and what I would do with them.

1. "Snap Sorting"  This is a power I would use for organizational purposes. I could walk into the kitchen  and snap my fingers at the pantry and all the cans and boxes would be sorted and organized.  Same thing in the dining room; I'd snap and all the toys would magically get themselves where they belong.

2. "Pause Power"  I would use pause power to stop time briefly.  This would give me a moment to catch my breath when over whelmed.  I could take a second to gather my thoughts when refereeing a kid showdown.  I could even stop time to revel in a sweet moment and capture it in my memory banks a little better.

3. "Laundry Laser Eyes"  Each night before as the kids were getting ready for bed, they would come to me and I would use my laundry laser eyes to instantly clean and a deodorize the clothes they had worn all day.  I wouldn't even need to set aside a weekend to do all the sheets and towels because I could just go in each morning and clean and freshen them up.

4. "Omni-linguistic Powers"  Basically this means that I can speak cat, dog, baby, toddler, etc.  Any creature capable of making noises that attempt to convey messages could communicate with me and I would be able to understand.  No more trying to figure out why the cat only meows at 3 am.  Never again would I wonder whether the kids are fussing because they are tired or cranky or worn out.

5. "Healing Hands"  You know how when your kids are sick and you put your hand on their forehead?  That simple action could instantly heal whatever was wrong with the child.  All antibodies would be imparted, so that virus shouldn't affect them again.  

6. "Energy Burst"  I know some of you have this in the form of coffee, but I don't metabolize caffeine well, so I can't drink it.  There are many, many nights that I wish I could stay awake just an hour longer to get something done.  Or maybe a burst of energy on Saturday mornings so getting up at the crack of dawn with the kids wouldn't feel so exhausting.

7. "Green Thumb"  This is another super power some people actually have. I am not one of them.  I just wish I could plan and grow a garden at my house. My green thumb garden would include fruits and vegetables to feed my family , as well as flowers, shrubs and trees to beautify my house.

8. "Night Vision"  Never again would I step on a Lego while walking through the living room in the middle of the night while trying to figure out why the cat is meowing.  Kids drop a favorite lovey out of the bed at 3am?  No problem, I can easily locate it without waking up anyone else.

9. "Force Field Power"  I would use the force field power to isolate myself when I need a break.  I could also use it to give the kids their own space when they aren't getting along.  I could even put a force field around the cat when the kids are bugging him (or when I feel like throwing things at him so he'll shut up in the middle of the night!)

10. "Teleportation"  I would use this power to quickly get from one place to another. I could go visit my parents at the blink of an eye.  I could take the kids to see their cousins with just a thought.  I would never be late for ballet again!! OK, even with super powers, I'd still find a way to be late...

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