Thursday, February 6, 2014

SPAM: It's What's in my Inbox

Spam! It's that wonderful meat concoction that, according to the above photo, comes in different flavors!!! Who knew??  Certainly not me, since Spam hasn't been on my grocery list since...EVER!

So why do I bring it up?  Because Spam is also what people call unwanted/unsolicited emails and blog comments.  Everybody gets Spam in their inbox: from a long-lost relative who wrote you into his will (as long as you send over your social security number and bank passwords) to the Nigerian Prince who just needs some help getting his money deposited into an American account (again, please send SSN and bank routing info).  Don't forget my personal favorite!! A good friend of yours emails you from a foreign country saying they are stuck there with no passport and no way to get home and they need you to wire them money, and you are their "one email allowed", even though you just saw them yesterday!!

I get lots of Spam comments on my blog. The effort that these spammers go through to seem legitimate makes me a little sorry to delete them sometimes...OK not really, but they should totally get an "A" for effort!!

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

First, one that make absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever:
 Ummm...OK, thanks for letting me know...? What is "david cameron month?" Is that before or after April? And "children from poor backgrounds" are more likely to what??

Next up: another one that makes very little sense:
What exactly "smells lovely" about having your hair tucked into a baseball cap?  And why are we talking about perfume and weightloss?

Then there's a completely random comment:

I don't know what to say about your phone...maybe don't leave it at home with your sister? Also, how does dropping your phone ruin you iPad?  I'm a bit confused.

I also get some comments that are just so complimentary that I blush!  I mean this one thinks my "article" is "astounding!" But then he's going to "seize my RSS feed."  That doesn't sound very nice, to be honest with you.   His spelling is good, but his grammar?  Not so much!

And this one is just meta.  It's a spammy comment about spammy comments!  And she wants me to help her reduce spam!  WOW!

 Do you get Spam emails or comments? Do you take the time to read them or just delete them right away? They are usually good for a few laughs!

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