Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One of Those Days

Have you ever had "one of those days?"  The ones where it seems doomed from the start?  Do they typically turn around for you? Are you able to pull yourself out of a downward spiral?

Yesterday was "one of those days" for me.  It started out with a school delay that set me off right away because Henry had a dentist appointment at the same time that school was supposed to be starting.  I had to scramble around at 6 am to find someone who could get Frances to school for me. The original plan had been to take the kids to school, go to work and get started on a few things and then go back for Henry.  Unfortunately, I had to take both big kids to work with me to get my day started.  I had found a friend to drop Frances off with, but she wasn't ready when I left the house, so both kids came with me.

I got a few things started at work before it was time to head out. I got lost trying to get to Frances' friend's house and then got a stupid speeding ticket on the way to the dentist. I cried through the first half of Henry's appointment partly because I was mad about the ticket, but also party because I was mad that we were there in the first place.

Now is a good time to tell you that Henry had some pretty major dental work done less than two years ago. It was done as outpatient work in the hospital and Henry had to be put completely under.  He was only four at the time and we didn't think he would do well with just a local anesthetic.  He had a really hard time coming off the anesthetic; he screamed and clawed at me and went back to sleep a few times before he finally completely woke up.  It was terrifying for him and horrible for me to witness.

Fast forward almost two years and the work that dentist did is almost all falling apart.  Two of his fillings have completely fallen out, leaving holes in his teeth that expose the roots. I called the dentist who did the work and she refuses to stand behind her work.  Now we are going to have to have someone else fix her mistakes and pay for the procedures all over again.  That's the other reason I cried through most of the dental visit. 

After Henry's appointment, I took him out for lunch since he had missed his lunch period at school.  I was planning on paying with cash because I had a fifty in my pocket from watching the neighbor's cat while she was out of town. However, when I tried to pay I couldn't find it.  I searched through my pockets and my wallet to no avail.  I glanced at the guy behind me and he seemed a bit shifty.  I figured my money had fallen out of my pocket and he had taken it.  I seriously almost asked him in the middle of McDonald's, but I thought better of it and just let it go.  I paid with my debit card and enjoyed a nice lunch with my mid-kid.

After I dropped him off at school, I headed back to work so I could sit down for 30 minutes before heading out to a class.  I met up with a friend in my building and we headed out to her car.  On the way out, we passed a flower delivery guy.  When we were trying to leave the parking lot, we saw him getting into his van.  

In front of my building there is a bus lane where the buses typically park to wait.  Because of where one particular  bus was parked, the flower van couldn't back up and no one could get around him. We were stuck and so were three cars in front of us and three more behind us.  We grumbled and made silly, snide comments about the flower delivery guy and the person to whom he had delivered flowers.

When we were finally able to leave the lot we were already late for our class, and of course, there is never parking to be found in the part of campus we were heading to.  We laughed a bit because we ended up being fifteen minutes late for class, mostly because we couldn't get out of a parking lot, not because we couldn't get into on!

After class we headed back to our building and I also discovered that I had lost my earring.  When I got back to my office I was told there was a delivery for me in the front of the building (where I had just come from).  I went back up front only to discover that the flowers that had made me late for class were mine!!

My friend Julie had felt bad when I had texted her about my awful morning and sent them to me to brighten my day.  I had a very good, very long laugh about the whole situation.  And when I got into my van to head home after my mis-adventure of a day, I found my fifty bucks in the door of the van!

Have you ever had one of those days?  The kind that start out so wrong and end so hysterically funny?  

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