Friday, November 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Grace

Five Minute Friday

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Five minutes on grace...
"Grace has a short shelf life. We need to return to God for a new supply each day."

I like to pretend I'm one of those women who has it all together.  Sometimes I pretend better than other times.  But when I really sit down for a good dose of self-reflection, I know there are things to work on.  I've joked about not being one to pray for patience before. I firmly believe that God will give you lots of chances to perfect that virtue.

I do, however, need lots of patience in parenting my children.  So instead of patience, I pray for grace.  The grace to make the right decisions; the grace to parent wisely; the grace to carry on even on the days when I want to give up and lock myself in my bedroom.

I spent some time in prayer on my retreat, reflecting on the word grace.  The above quote is something I wrote down during one of the talks we listened to.  I am so thankful that God grants me grace each time that I ask.  I pray that I will remember to keep asking.

I am certainly not a graceful person; I have been known to trip and fall on a pretty regular basis.  I run into cabinets and doorways that have been in the same place for years.  I open my mouth and say some pretty stupid things.  No, I am not graceful; but I am full of grace.

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