Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ten on Tuesday: Reasons I Love My Job

My boss bought some candy over the summer. When we moved back into our regular space, I put it in the candy jar and hid the rest of it in a drawer.  As the candy in the jar was eaten I slowly replaced it.  On afternoon, my boss was handing out candy to a few students in the center when he commented that no one must like the Whoppers because there were still a lot of them left. I mentioned that I *love* Whopper and he tossed he a pack.  I mostly forgot about it until yesterday.

I came back from lunch and noticed that he had gone shopping to replenish some office supplies. He had also bought some more candy for the candy jar. I noticed this because it was full again with a different kind of candy than had been in there before.  Out of curiosity, I opened the drawer to see what kind of candy was in there.

Which leads me to...

  1. We dress up for Halloween!
  2. We celebrate birthdays, holidays and other days for no reason. Usually with chocolate.
  3. I work with the best staff around. Even the guy in the satellite office across campus!
  4. We have awesome staff meetings that involve the best pizza around.
  5. I can bring my kids to work with me if I need to.
  6. I have an automatic babysitting pool right here!
  7. I can easily take a day (or part of a day) off for a doctor's appointment, school event, or just because I feel like it.
  8. I am regularly told that I do a good job.  Even when I mess up, the response is about what I have learned from the mistake.
  9. I get to read all the free books I can handle.  And my kids can come check them out too.
  10. I get two week off at Christmas to spend with my kids!
What about you? Do you have a fun and rewarding job?  What do you love about it??


  1. LOVE that he bought you more Whoppers! That is an awesome boss! :) Your office sounds fantastic!-Ashley

    1. He is very awesome! Which makes the working environment awesome all around!

  2. That's awesome. I love the flexibility my job offers. I worked 3 eight hour days this summer and now work 4 six hour days since the kids went back to school. And I get tons of vacation that I can take for snow days or when the kids are sick. Yay for good perks! I would love more praise though. That can make such a difference and I just don't get it (at least no one gets it from our boss, not just me!)

  3. #5, #6 and #10 are AMAZING. That is a dream job, truly. And the Whoppers story gave me the chills! So thoughtful. My dad loves Whoppers more than anything. We always put them in his Christmas stocking.
    I love my job, as you know, because it's what I love and I call my own shots. The downside is that I'm not really bringing home the bacon, yet. Maybe I need to be tougher as my own boss!

  4. Your job sounds wonderful! Now I want some Whoppers.

  5. It sounds like an awesome place to work. It is so great to enjoy your job - and the people, the candy and the pizza make it that much better! :)

  6. Definitely sounds like a wonderful place to work!

  7. I love your job, too. ha ha! :)

  8. Your job sounds great! I love family friendly workplaces. I just started a new job and it works with my kids school schedule. As a mom, I appreciate being off when my kids are off school.

  9. Dressing up for Halloween and being able to take your kids to work with you if you have to are two reasons to hold onto a job FOREVER. Love this list!


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