Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer's Last Hurrah

The kids have been back at school for two weeks now, but with Labor Day upon us, summer seems as if it is finally coming to a close.  I know that technically we still have until near the end of September, but this past weekend we tried to live it up and have a great time together before the changing of the seasons.

My friend Stacey's parents have a pool at their house and she invited us to come over for a swim on Saturday before her parents close up the pool for the season.  My only plans for the day involved dishes and laundry so I ditched those fairly quickly and told her we would meet her later on after her errands.

I did two loads of dishes and the kids mostly cleaned their room before lunch and then we got packed up and started to head out.  Because of my lame texting abilities, Stacey and I had a miscommunication about when to meet. Since the kids were already in the car, I figured I'd just keep driving until I heard from her and then we'd turn around.

We actually ended up taking a very nice drive through the mountains and made it all the way to West Virginia!  We got out and took a few pictures and then I decided that we'd head back even though I hadn't heard from Stacey. Of course, the real problem was that being up in the mountains meant I was out of cell service and as soon as I got back in communication with a tower, my phone blew up with a bunch of messages!

After finally arriving at Stacey's parents house, the kids all jumped in the pool.  Even Benjamin surprised me by putting on his life jacket and getting in all by himself.  We spent about 5 hours at the pool and I never got in!  (I don't actually like swimming.)  But the kids had a blast!  Henry even went off the slide with no life jacket.  Granted he panicked and started to flail around in the water, but he made it to the edge and grabbed on right as I got to him. He was scared, but otherwise fine.  He did the same thing last time we were there.  I assume that eventually he'll either learn to swim or learn to stop going off the slide with no life jacket!

We ordered pizza for a late night dinner and then said goodbye to our friends.  Life is always hectic and schedules are always crazy, but I love it when we are able to get together.  And the kids love it too!


  1. We've been having a series of last hurrahs too! I read somewhere that September 1st is the end of meteorological summer, but the heat really does stay until the end of the month, doesn't it? Maybe it gets more bearable.

    1. Technically Fall starts September 22nd, but Labor Day and school starting seem like the end to most people.


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