Thursday, September 12, 2013

Familiarity Breeds a Mess

I cleaned the dining room the other day. I'll pause a moment to let you pick up your jaw off the floor. It was the day after I worked on the living room. Sorry, I should have warned you that time. I actually cleaned the kitchen last night, too. OK, I'm done now!
noticing what's around you
This is a HORRIBLE picture, but look at my counter tops!

It was funny when the kids got home from school.  Henry looked in the dining room and said, "This isn't even our house!"  It made me feel like I had actually accomplished something. It also made me sad because the house shouldn't look so different just from me picking up the toys, or putting things away.

In truth, though, it does look pretty different. Don't get me wrong, it is far from immaculate, but I'm working on it. One of the things I am forcing myself to do it to spend 30 minutes on a different room every day. It is a reasonable amount of time that I can usually find on any given day. It's also enough time to get a decent amount of cleaning done; the kind of cleaning that makes a noticeable difference.  And that noticeable difference is my motivation to keep going.

My biggest problem is that I think I've gotten used to the house looking messy. When I worked on the living room the other day, I put away two suitcases that had sat in front of the TV cabinet for at least a month. I had ceased to notice them and they just because part of the decor. (If anything in my living room can be considered decor). They were from a week my kids spent at my parent's house. I had unpacked them made the kids unpack them, but after that they just sat empty in the living room.

It got me thinking about how much in my life becomes background.  There are lots of things that I take for granted.  I don't notice the ten times that Ken does the dishes, but the one time he doesn't, I sure do!  I often find myself focused on the one time the kids say something rude to me and I forget about the other wonderful things they say.

My life tends to get into a rut.  I go through the routines on auto-pilot and I only notice the occurrences that are outliers.  This three-day cleaning spree has reminded me that I really need to focus more on my surroundings.  I need to force myself to pay attention.  Because if I can overlook two suitcases for a month, what else am I missing?

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