Tuesday, September 3, 2013

10 Reasons I'm Glad Last Week is Over

I've said many, many times before how much I love my job. I work with some great people. I have flexibility to do things like doctor appointments and field trips. I truly feel like what I do makes a difference in the lives of other people. And it's not a stressful job at all.

Except for the first week of the semester!  Getting new students in here that need to be trained for their jobs takes up almost all of my time during the first week of the semester.  This year there was the added stress of interviewing candidates for a position on our team and the fact that we are still moving back from being transplanted over the summer.

I joked with myself in the middle of last week that I should write a post about all the stress and hijinks of last week.  I even laughed at the thought of making it my Ten on Tuesday feature.  Then I sat down and wrote out a list and realized that there really are

  1. Cash Register-- In the process of trying to fix on teeny, tiny problem with the cash register at work, I managed to deprogram the whole thing and waste about 10 feet of receipt tape.  I got it fixed, though!!
  2. Leaving for class early--I left on Tuesday to get to a class.  I was running a bit late...or so I thought.  When I checked my calendar at a red light, I realized that I was actually about 24 hours early!
  3. Missing class because of parking--So the next day I left (again) for my class.  Only this time, there was NO parking to be found anywhere.  I drove around for about 30 minutes before I just gave up and went back to my office.
  4. Interviews--One of our team left us over the summer for a new position.  While we miss him terribly, we all understand that it is a good move for him and for his family.  But, that means we have to hire someone else.  And those interviews were last week.  Although I much prefer being on this side of the table for job interviews, they are still stressful.  And it's hard to replace someone that you like so much!
  5. Doctor's appointment--I am overdue for a checkup, so I made an appointment.  But I read the wrong calendar and double booked myself and had to reschedule.  Then the doctor got sick and we had to pick another date.  That date didn't work either, which brings us to the 4th attempt last week.  And something happened with the doctor and she couldn't come in.  I am actually trying again today, so hopefully I can get seen!
  6. Training in general--I love our students!  We only hire the best. But all the training last week was exhausting!  I talked all day long!  And said the same things four or five times each.
  7. Being tired--I didn't sleep well last week at all.  I mostly went to bed on time, but I kept waking up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep.  A shot or two of Benadryl later, I think I'm back on track.
  8. Honda appointment rescheduled--The driver's side passenger door of my van is messed up, so I made an appointment to have it fixed.  In keeping with my inabilities to read calendars last week, I made the appointment straight through the first shift of a new student, so I had to reschedule.  
  9. Living room mishap--I've been doing a lot of work to get my house clean.  One thing I've tried is cleaning one room per night for 30 minutes.  Only last Monday, I decided to try cleaning on my lunch break.  So I came home, set the timer and got started.  After a while I started to get ansty about how much time had passed, but I refused to let myself check the timer so as not to waste time.  Then I started to worry about being late for work.  When I finally checked the timer, I realized that I had never set it in the first place!
  10. Kitchen Cleaning--Two nights later, Ken and I were both home and I asked him to check my list and tell me which room was scheduled for that night.  He gave me the answer, so I set the timer (for real this time) and got started.  I was a little annoyed because Ken wasn't helping me in the kitchen, until I realized that he had told me the assigned room was the dining room.  Where he was diligently cleaning (and probably wondering where I was)!

So this post ended up a LOT longer than I had intended.  I hope you had some good laughs at my expense! Don't worry, I did!  Here's to hoping for a much calmer week this week!


  1. That is a busy week! Hope this week settles down for you!

  2. Ugh. After reading that *I'm* glad last week is over, too!! I can't believe you drove to class twice and still didn't even get to go!! GAH!!!
    I hope, hope, hope that this week is smooth sailing and totally uneventful (in a good way)!! --Lisa

  3. That's a lot of reasons to be happy for a new week! Glad you fixed the cash register..and 24 hours early for class? I have done that with doctor appointments. A few times.

    1. I am rarely early, but when I am, I seem to be a day early!

  4. Can I just say I will be glad when this week is over?

  5. Can I just say I will be glad when this week is over?


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