Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Small

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Five minutes on small...


The summer is winding down.  We are in the last week of camp.  We have a zoo trip planned for the weekend with a visit to Papa's house. The kids are excited and that little bit wild that comes with it.  Monday the big kids and I will spend the day together as our last hurrah of summer.  School starts Tuesday.

So amidst this wild and craziness of summer, we are also getting ready for school. For routine. For schedules. For Fall.  We are making small adjustments to the kids' morning routines and bedtimes routines.  We've been getting back on track with chores and responsibilities. 

And everytime I preach something to the kids I realize that I'm also talking to myself.  I need to make these changes myself as well.  I need to get back into my routines and schedule.  And what works for them is what works for me; to move forward in small doses.  No big, sweeping adjustments that leave everyone feel off kilter.  Just little things every day that get us back into the swing of things.

Because summer is ending. School is starting. Fall will be here soon.


  1. We begin on Tuesday as well.. . my word, the summer flew by.
    And yes, whatever I'm preaching at my kids, I could stand in the mirror and preach at myself as well!

  2. This struck me as so true about getting back into our routines, and many more things, too!
    "everytime I preach something to the kids I realize that I'm also talking to myself"

    Big sweeping adjustments don't work well for anyone at my house! Small is where it's at! --Lisa

  3. Small adjustments - that's just my speed. You have a real knack for these "five minute Friday' things - of pulling us right into your world.

  4. Small adjustments sound like a great way to make important changes more easily. Good luck in the new school year.

  5. Small adjustments are best for us, too. So many changes ahead, it is good to take them a bit at a time.

  6. I just stopped by from Saturday Sharefest. You have a beautiful family! Just needed to tell you that!


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