Monday, July 1, 2013

Luray Caverns: Take Two

Our local library has a great summer reading incentive program for kids.  When the kids register for the program they get a wrist band.  That wrist band allows them free admission at a variety of local venues; a different one each Friday.  Last week we went to the Luray Zoo and had a great time.   This week, after Vacation Bible School, we went back to Luray to visit Luray Caverns.

We went to the caverns two years ago and not surprisingly Henry and Benjamin don't remember it.  Frances, of course, did and was very excited to go again.  We got there around 3 and found a whole line of people waiting to get in.  The line moved at a decent pace and we were finally able to get in. We got to see a lot of really cool formations, some of which already had names, and some we named ourselves.

stalagmite, stalactite
Stalactites hang tight to the ceiling; stalagmites might get there someday.

stalagmite, stalactite

Pluto's Ghost
Pluto's Ghost: named for the god of the underworld and also because it seemed to follow the original discoverers around.

I called this the Leprechaun because of the green moss growing on it, but I couldn't get a good picture of it.

Henry named this the dragon; and then screamed when we walked under it!

shaggy dog
This is called the shaggy dog.  Can you see it? It faces left.

stalacpipe organ
The Stalacpipe Organ

fried eggs
Fried Eggs

"Look like Benjamin!" I said.

This is as close to the group picture as he would get!
 After the caverns we had lunch and then visited the toy museum.  They had funhouse mirrors to play with!

 We also went through the antique car museum and then the Luray Valley Museum.  I took the picture below because I knew I had the same shot from two years ago.  Surprisingly, Benjamin was not in the one two years ago! You can see it here.

 I took this picture because the cabinets were produced by the Brainerd and Armstrong Co.  My maiden name is Brainard, so I found it interesting. I may or may not have had relatives in the Connecticut area around this time.  Maybe I will remember to ask my dad or he might chime in in the comments...
All in all we had a great time.  We ended up staying until about 7 that evening and getting home late to find Uncle Alan wanted to spend the night on his way home from vacation.  We caught a bunch of fireflies before a brief thunderstorm sent us inside for the night.  Truly a perfect summer day!


  1. It looks like a fascinating place! My boys would love it there, I am sure!

  2. What a fun day!!! (and I love the "look like Benjamin" picture...hahaha!)
    We took the kids to a cavern place a few years ago and they STILL talk about it. This reminds me that we should do it again. (and it's always cool in the dead of summer. Who doesn't want that?!) --Lisa

    1. I'm thinking of starting a collection of Benjamin pictures entitled "My kid hates fun!" That might haunt him into adulthood, though, right!?

  3. Looks like a ball! And Benjamin certainly is one of your funnier kids. :-D


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