Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dominoes is a Dangerous Game

One of my favorite memories of my grandparents has to do with dominoes.  Whenever we would visit their house, we would play dominoes; right after dinner.  Actually, after dinner you could have a choice of pecan cookies, sherbet, or ice cream (pecan praline was a standard option).  We would clear off the table and get out the dominoes. We played double sixes with four players. Maybe there were more than four players on occasion, maybe fewer.  We would all turn them pip-side down and someone would say, "You shake 'em, I'll bake 'em."  That means one person would shuffle them all around on the table and then the person next to them would choose their dominoes first.

Whoever had the highest double would start-it's called the spinner.  Then we'd take turns going around the table playing a domino or drawing from the bone yard.  We kept score with X's.  Half the X equaled five points. Then when you scored another five points, you crossed over the one line to make the full X.

Getting together at our family reunion reminder me of dominoes (even though we didn't play).  Then my younger brother asked me if I had the app for my phone.  He introduced me to a free dominoes app with different playing options.  You could play the computer, play a friend through Facebook or Twitter, or you could challenge a random opponent.  I played the computer a few times and then sent out a challenge.

The computer matches you up with random people that you can play.  You take turns and it stores the game play for whenever you come back to it.  There is also a chat function that you can use if you feel like talking to the person you are playing with.  I don't typically start chats, but I am more than okay with a little back and forth while the game is going on. Usually it's just a simple "good game" or "taking a break, see you later."

 I got the first message and ignored it.  I had only been idle for about 5 minutes.  We played a bit more (and I waited on this guy plenty of times) and then I got the second message.  I decided to say something. I tried to keep it polite.  I obviously don't know his reaction, but I won the game shortly after that and he didn't ask for a re-match.  OK, there's a possibility I offended some random person off in Internet-land!  Oh well!

A few days later I was playing again. This time it was about 7:15 on a Sunday morning.  I was playing Dominoes while the kids were watching TV and I was attempting to wake up.  My user name in the game is the same as my Twitter handle (MamaRabia) so I assumed that's why this guy asked, "What's up mama?" It escalated rather quickly after that!

 Obviously, a glutton for punishment, I continued to play the game.  A few days later I got one of those people who likes to ask all the age/sex/race/location questions.  Again, that escalated rather quickly.  I didn't screen shot the rest because it got kind of inappropriate.  Thankfully, this guy resigned the game, so I didn't have to deal with his questions.  Why a married man with two kids wants to know how tall I am is beyond me!!
So, all in all, it's a fun game. I enjoy playing it and it brings back sweet memories from my childhood.  I will continue to play it on my iPad, as well as teaching Frances how to play with actual dominoes.  I'm even willing to take a challenge from any of you who might like playing.  Just know, that my chat response are going to stay the "good game" variety and no more!


  1. I don't play a lot of online games - if I do, I prefer to play the computer. Way fewer awkward questions. :)
    Reading your post has made me realize that I have no idea how to play dominoes! I never knew about shaking and baking and keeping score. The way I used to play as a child was more about matching up like-sided pieces.

    1. It's so much fun! You're right about the part where you match the dots (pips). To keep score you add up all the pips on the outermost dominoes. If it is a multiple of five, you get the points. If not, no points.

  2. Oh my - who knew such a fun game could invite perverts? Your responses cracked me up. I like your memories of dominoes with your grandparents.

  3. Somehow I don't think your grandparents would have reacted the same way that you did to a dominoes game . . .

  4. The only online game I really play these days is Words with Friends


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