Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thoughts on the End of Zumba Class

I had my last Zumba class this morning.  *sniff*  I really enjoyed it.  The instructor was awesome! She had a great variety of music and moves. There were a few moves that we did in a different song, but she made it slightly different the second time.  This was my fifth class and I really felt like I knew some of the routines and I was able to focus on making myself work harder instead of concentrating on form.  I also have totally gotten over the discomfort of a group fitness class.  By this class I've realized that nobody is paying that much attention to anybody else.  And even if they are, they typically aren't doing the moves any better than you are.

This is not my Zumba class.  Obviously.

I also really enjoyed the class because I took it with friends. We motivated each other to stick with it and we congratulated each other on a job well done.  Sure, I was mostly surrounded by college students, but we all supported each other.

Another great thing about the class was the timing. (Unless you ask Ken, of course!)  The class was Thursday mornings from 6:45-7:30.  I could get up and go; wake myself up and get energized for the day.  I also got a key to the showers in my building, so I came straight to work, showered, stopped by the deli downstairs to grab a muffin or bagel and the walked upstairs to work.  It all worked out perfectly.  And the instructor will be offering the class again in the Fall, so I am excited to take it again!

I've been told twice since this class started that I look like I've lost weight.  While that wasn't really my intention going in, it is nice to hear.  My clothes seem to fit better and I feel better (except for these stupid allergies today).  I feel like I've got a bit more energy throughout the day. All in all, I'm glad I took the class and stuck with it.

Have you ever tried Zumba? Another group fitness class?  What's your favorite way to exercise?


  1. So glad you enjoyed it! I have never tried Zumba and it has been years since I have taken a group fitness class. My favourite exercise is walking and I have recently started learning to run.

  2. I love Zumba! I love it so much I'm getting certified to teach next week. It can be a great workout!

  3. Great way to stay motivated, with friends!

  4. I've never done anything organized..but I think I should. It's a great way to stay active and committed.

  5. I'm glad you liked it. I could NOT wake up that early to go though. I always went to Zumba in the evenings.

  6. Have never tried Zumba, but know other people who love it!-Ashley


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