Thursday, May 30, 2013

Soccer Time

Benjamin has been really in to sports lately.  Last night someone got out the kids' little velcro baseball mitts and he insisted on playing.  Henry hurt his foot running barefoot through the yard, so he quit playing catch with Benjamin and I was next in line to get a turn.  We played for a while and he's getting pretty good at throwing.  He caught a good number too.  Of course, I have to aim very carefully and the velcro in the mitt helps a lot. 
He has two little soccer balls that he insists on taking to Henry's games. Tuesday night he and Ken played soccer in the front yard for a while.  I love that the weather is nicer and we can hang out in the yard after school, work, and dinner.  I also love it when Ken gets the chance to be home in the evening and spend time with us.  Hopefully there's lots more of that in the future!

P.S. If you look carefully, you can see that Benjamin plays soccer in monkey slippers!


  1. Aw! Soccer in monkey slippers. I never would have noticed them!! :)

  2. I love how your little one wants in one the game! That's awesome!

  3. Awww...that is so cute! Monkey slippers! I love it! I personally love being a soccer mom - the game is so much fun to watch (although probably any sport our kid does is fun to watch). But actually I now like to go to games and that is one thing we do all together as a family sometimes. We love watching the US Women play!


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