Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Monday!! Oh, Wait! It's Tuesday!

Don't get me wrong; I love holiday weekends, but they throw me off!  Normally Ken has a truck to meet early on Tuesday mornings, but he took today off, so now I'll be even more confused!  He told me to make sure he doesn't set his watch alarm tonight and try to get up at 4:30 tomorrow morning (thinking it's Tuesday)!  You can be sure I won't let that happen!

We had a weekend that was just busy enough.  That's my favorite kind!  On Saturday we got up early and went out to pick strawberries.  Life has been busy lately, and we almost missed this fun tradition!  We caught what was probably the tail end of the season. We got there around 7:45 and they were picked out for the day by the time we left. 
farm, strawberries, tractor

farm, strawberries, fresh picked

farm, garden

fresh picked, farm, garden

Ken, Frances, and I did most of the picking while the boys just ate berries.  We still got enough that I made a bunch of freezer jam and I put some whole strawberries in the freezer.  I plan on putting the rest through the food dehydrator tonight.

Saturday afternoon Ken had to work. The kids and I had a picnic outside in the sun and then Benjamin and I took naps while Frances and Henry played in the sandbox.  I took my nap outside in the sunshine which was quite nice. 
Sunday was for church and grocery shopping as usual and then Monday we had a {chilly} play date at the park and then took it easy the rest of the day.  I grilled BBQ chicken for dinner last night and for my second attempt on the grill, I think it turned out quite good.

Have a great week, friends!


  1. There is nothing like family berry-picking! I remember once that we ate so many strawberries while picking that we actually didn't want any more for a few hours. Difficult to imagine, but true.

    1. Benjamin didn't eat his at dinner last night and usually they are his favorite fruit!

  2. I do find myself very confused thinking that today is a Monday! And our strawberry season hasn't even started yet but you're making me hungry for it with those photos. I think it's very, very soon.

  3. We were just saying this morning that we are totally off our game today because we feel like it should be Monday! Sounds like a super fun weekend! Love strawberry picking!-The Dose Girls

  4. what a great day of berry picking and family time.

  5. Mmm strawberries! I wish we had a strawberry farm near us.

  6. Long weekends always mix me up because they are followed by short weeks. I am always saying, "Wait... What day is it today?" I know my boys would love strawberry picking - although more for the eating than the picking. :)

  7. These short weeks always confuse the heck out of me! Your strawberry picking looks like so much fun!


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