Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Frances' Violin Recital

Our busy week continues with a violin recital for Frances last night. She had a recital at her school last week, but this one was city wide. She is taking lessons through a partnership with a local university. Their teachers come to each of the schools twice a week for 45 minute group lessons.  The whole year's worth of lessons was $75, and kids on free and reduced lunches can take classes even cheaper.  It's a great program to get instruments into the hands of kids at an early age. The program starts in third grade and now continues up through high school. 

I know that a musical education is important for kids, but I always worried about what that instrument would be.  We don't have room for a piano and brass instruments intimidate me.  (My mom was a trombone player, though!)  I had honestly thought that lessons would be out of our reach both financially and time-wise, but having inexpensive lessons right at her school has been a true Godsend for us.

Frances LOVES the violin and I think she is doing really well.  She doesn't practice as often as she should, but I'll take a lot of the responsibility for that in that we haven't been good about reminding her. In the performance last night she was front and center stage for the duration. I asked her later if she was nervous, and she sounded confused as to why I would think she was nervous!  She loved performing!!
stage, violin, preformance

I won't bore you with multiple clips of the songs, but here is Buffalo Gals which was one of her favorites.  She learned the words to it also, and was quite surprised when I sang it to her (She thinks I don't know anything!!)

I also got a picture of her with her teacher. Thanks so much for all you've done this year, Ms. Megan!!


  1. That is absolutely awesome...not only that your school is providing that opportunity but that she is so good! WOOHOO! Go Frances! :)-The Dose Girls

  2. Congrats to Frances! And the clip was adorable!


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