Monday, March 11, 2013

Who's Awesome? Henry's Awesome!

We had a busy Saturday planned at Casa de Liebers.  (You can check back on Wednesday for details on our "good deed marathon.")  The kids were coloring pictures at the table while I took a shower. I came out to find Henry wearing Ken's bike helmet at the table.  After they finished coloring I asked them to get their shoes on so we could get out the door.  I got Benjamin taken care of and Frances took care of herself.  I was trying to hurry everyone out the door, but I couldn't find Henry.  He was in his room trying to put his shoes on.  Problem was, he couldn't see because the helmet kept sliding down over his eyes.

"Henry, please take Daddy's helmet off and go put it back where you got it."

"But Mommy! I want to look cool."

"Sweetie, you'll be fine without the helmet. Let's get moving!"

So he got finished with his shoes, took off the helmet and got his coat. As I was leaving to room he said, "Mommy? Am I still cool?"

"You're awesome, honey."

"Is awesome better than cool?"

"Yes, it is."

And as I walked out I heard him mutter to himself, "I am AWESOME!"


  1. Yeah, I gotta side with Henry on this one. He radiates cool there....and awesome!! --Lisa

  2. Awww how sweet is that! I love candid moments like that.

  3. That's hilarious! I hope he always thinks helmets are cool.

  4. Yes! He is awesome with or without a helmet!!!


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