Monday, March 4, 2013

What's in your desk drawer?

Last week, I actually remembered to bring a spoon to work so I could eat my yogurt for lunch. I had been using a fork, but you just can't get as much yogurt out with a fork.  I jokingly made a facebook status about finally remembering my spoon and it for some reason that led me to a listing of all the crazy stuff in my desk drawer.  Just in case, you know.

So here you go; the contents of my desk drawer:
  • three toothbrushes (one is child-sized), toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss
  • deodorant
  • extra earrings
  • a comb
  • lip gloss, lipstick and chapstick
  • Pain relief, allergy meds, and vitamins
  •  two bottles of lotion
  • bandaids
  • feminine hygiene products
  • "thank you" notes
  • a sewing kit
  • a bunch of quarters
  • birthday balloons (leftover from wrapping the boss' office for his birthday)

  •  a card reader
  • a box FULL of business cards
  • my private stash of colored pens and highlighters
What's in your desk drawer??


  1. In my desk drawer? Too much of a mess, that's what. One of my goals is to get my office completely cleaned out. I had a good start on it, and then things got crazy and it got put on back burner again. Thanks for the inadvertent reminder!

  2. I love this post. Basically because I have two junk drawers in my office. Yes, there is the girly stuff like lip gloss, lotion and such but I am also the person that keeps silverware and bandaids.

  3. I keep a spoon and fork in my desk drawer so I'm never without eating matter what I eat!

  4. You have a well stocked drawer. I think I just have junk in mine.

  5. Eating yogurt with a fork sounds like some new fangly diet for spring! Too much junk in my drawer to mention!

  6. I had to clean it a bit lately after the baby learned how to scoot on his butt and he went right to the desk drawer. (it's low down) Mine is weird. The baby book my mom kept about me. A ton of journals I started and never continued with. Two books of New York Times crossword puzzles. Pens and pencils. Camera battery charger, USB cord, two bookmarks and an iPod.

  7. My desk drawer is a total mess. Rubber bands, paperclips, papers, random keys to mysterious locks, old stamps that are worth odd amounts, all kinds of junk that is basically worthless. Your stuff is at least colorful and useful!! --Lisa

  8. Two bottles of lotion that are the same scent, might I add. "Do you have any lotion?" "Yep! I have cherry blossom or.....let's see......cherry blossom!!" haha. At least everything in your desk is useful!! :-)


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