Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tuesday Choices

CrazyCatLady invited me to her new meme, so I thought I'd try it out.  She has given us 12 choices and we can explain as much or as little as we like.
  1. Coke or Pepsi?--I try really hard to stay away from caffeine and carbonation, but if I do partake, my beverage of choice would be Dr. Pepper. Cherry Pepsi, if that's not available.
  2. Rain or snow?--Rain!! As in warm summer rain that you can go out and play in and splash in puddles.  I am SO over all this snow around here!!
  3. Monochrome or multicolour?--Multi-color is the way to go for me. 
  4. Summer or winter?--Um, we must not have met yet!! SUMMER!!!
  5. Pecan pie or banoffee pie?--I had to look up that second one (and I left you a link), but honestly? I'm not a pie person.  Cake? Yes. Brownies? Cookies? Yes! Yes! Pie? Eh...
  6. Early bird or night owl?--More of an early bird, honestly.  I don't *like* being up early, but I've gotten used to it. I can't stay awake past 10 most nights.
  7. Sweet tooth or savoury tooth?--I am an equal opportunity snacker! If I had to make an absolute choice, I would go with savory. 
  8. Football (soccer) or American football?--To play? Soccer. To watch? Football
  9. Fish and chips or burger & fries?--Burger and fries!
  10. Shower or bath?--I would love a good, long soak in a steamy hot bath; but let's be realistic. Every time I try, I get company of the "under three feet tall" variety. So I take showers.
  11. Music or TV?--Both. I listen to music at work, because I'm pretty sure that watching TV would be frowned upon.  In the evenings, I watch TV.
  12. Walking or running?--Sitting.  I need to be better about that eventually!


  1. I get company in the shower or bath. I can't remember the last time I've washed alone. I'm also over all of this snow. It doesn't feel like spring when I'm wearing a scarf and snow boots!

  2. Fun! Thanks for the banoffee pie link. I didn't know what that was either but it looks so good! I'm not a huge pie fan either but I might try that one.

  3. I love these kinds of lists! They are so much fun! :) Great answers! Totally agree with you about pie.

  4. Thanks for playing! Banoffee pie seems to have been new to everyone!

  5. I'm so with you on the Dr. Pepper. I also rarely drink soda but if we're at a party together, I won't say no!

    This meme just made me so hungry. I'm an equal opportunity snacker myself.


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