Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Glass is Half Full

The sun is shining, the snow is gone.  I have received at least five pieces of good news today that positively affect lots of other people I know.  Things are still in the works, so I don't want to list out the details here, but it just stuff that makes me happy. 

Going, going, gone!!

That is not to say that everything is coming up roses, (but the daffodils in my yard are trying to come up!!) because not everything is 12 shades of awesome.  There are lots of things in my life that aren't perfect right now; things I wish I could change.  But I choose to focus on the good.  And today the good is really overwhelming the bad. 

It's my big/little brother's birthday today.  I call his that because he's younger than me, but taller.  Most people are taller than me, so that's not all that unusual, but I can't honestly call him my little brother because he's bigger than I am.

We are 364 days apart. He was born the day before my first birthday, so we are twins today.  He was the birthday present I couldn't return!  We fought a lot when we were kids.  We hung out with the same people and played with the same toys.   But the good news is that we've gotten much closer as we've gotten older.

He's a great uncle to my kids.  We named Benjamin after him.  Actually, if you ask Benjamin he will tell you that his name is "Benjamin Uncle Alan Lieber."  Alan made me the proud aunt to a clutch of chicks!
Happy birthday Alan!  It's a great day! Go out and celebrate!!


  1. Happy Birthday to you both, even though yours is still on the way!

    We have two daughters a year and a day apart. How clever of your mother to do this the right way and have the younger one sooner. And then, 8 years later, we had the twins...

  2. Today is somewhat of a gloomy, rainy day here and most people I know are in a bad mood. Me? Not so much! I'm just focusing on the fact that even though it's raining, it's over 50 degrees! And the baby smiling at me helps. And coffee with whipped cream.

  3. Happy birthday to your big, little brother!! (and happy birthday to you tomorrow!!)

    I loved the way you are looking at the world. I am firmly convinced that happiness doesn't happen when everything is perfect---everything is never perfect. You have to grab the happiness from the day and make that your choice. --Lisa


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