Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Take Your Kids to Work Day

Yesterday's snow meant the kids were out of school.  Ken had to work and I had things to do at work also, so I checked with my boss and then brought Frances and Henry with me.  (Benjamin's day care was, thankfully, open.)

They love coming to work with me.  Who wouldn't? I work in a library/media center in the education department.  They are surrounded by books, computers, iPads, and people who love kids!

JMU had a two hour delay, so I didn't have to be at work until 10, but I came in at nine and let the kids run around the building a bit for some exercise.  After I opened up the office, they went into the corner to read books for a while.  I almost forgot they were there!

Then came tech time and they were lost in iPad apps for a good while. 

One of their favorite apps is called Toontastic.  They can create stories with characters, backgrounds, music, and narration.  This is one Frances worked on yesterday. (I apologize about me talking in the background.)

We had lunch in the cafeteria and took a walk around the building before coming back to work on some math.  Then they sat out at the desk and made name posters with some of my students.

They had a really fun day, and surprisingly, I got some work done too!


  1. Aw! A fun day AND you got work done! That sounds like the best! I don't think my daughter knows about that app. I'll have to get it for her. She'd love it! --Lisa

  2. First, I would LOVE to have the ability to take my kids to work, but it’s far too boring for them. That app looks like it could be a hit too. Thanks for the recommendation!


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