Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Potty Training Failure Times Three

Sometimes when I have trouble coming up with a blogging topic I look through my camera phone pictures to remind me of what has been going on lately.  When I looked today, I had two choices: pictures of my kids from the weekend (with my messy house in the background) or n@ked pictures of Benjamin while we work on potty training.  Neither of them are ideal for posting on the internet, but I suppose I'd rather show off my messy house than my sons buns (as Henry would say, "Mommy! That rhymes!!")

Anyway, as the title implies, I feel like a complete failure at this whole potty training thing, despite the fact that I have three children.

Frances was either hard-headed or lazy, I'm still not sure which.  She wore Pull-Ups for a long time and it wasn't until shortly after her FOURTH birthday that I finally threw in the towel and said, "FINE!  You will wear underwear and if you mess it up you will fix it yourself."  It only took a week after that.

I honestly don't remember potty training Henry.  I do know it was around the time Benjamin was born (hence the fact that I don't remember it!) when he was about three.  I feel like, with Henry, it just happened.

Now we come to Benjamin.  He will be three in a month. I've been watching for the signs and not trying to pressure him.  At this point he HATES having anything in his diaper.  So much that he has gotten out of bed a few times to tell me that he peed and I have to change his diaper before he will go back to sleep.

Last Saturday, I put him in a pair of vinyl underpants and let him play around the house.  He actually alerted me once to the fact that he had to potty.  He kept those underpants dry all day, but I put him in a diaper for nap and bed and he peed (not immediately) in those diapers.

Last night when we got home, we was dry.  He was dry all though dinner. When it was almost time for pajamas, I took his diaper off and let him watch TV n@ked.  Nothing happened! I had him sit on the potty before bed even though he insisted "nothin' comin' out!!" I let him play a game on my phone, I turned on the water in the sink, I even gave him a big glass of water to drink.  Nothing!  I was convinced that he would pee as soon as I sent him to bed.  Thankfully, that's not what happened last night; but it certainly goes that way lots of other nights.

So now what?  Do I back off and wait for some other signs?  Do I push it?  Do I hire a potty trainer? Do those exist?  HELP!!


  1. If potty trainers don't exist, they should! Wouldn't that be great?! That person would make a mint! :) --The Dose Girls

  2. Oi! I can't wait to be done with potty training! Stopping by from SITS.

  3. That is such a great career field, isn't it? A Potty Trainer. You're making my head spin..nah..I couldn't do it. It was hard enough to train my two-year-old while I was pregnant with her brother. Constant vigilance does not do well for exhaustion and nausea. And to think, I get to do it all over again within the next few years. Joy!

  4. Yikes! That sounds tricky. Never had to potty train (don't have kids yet) so no advise here, but GOOD LUCK!!


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