Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Fill Ins

1. I was looking for my purple sweater today, so I could "purple out" for the JMU nation!!
2. Online is one of my favorite ways to socialize.
3. I looked at the clock twelve times yesterday to make sure I didn't forget Benjamin's conference.
4. A pen with purple ink is the type of pen I most prefer to use.
5. What in the heck takes Frances so long getting ready in the mornings?!
6. Crazy things seem to happen to me often.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going to bed early, tomorrow my plans include Fun Day at the kids' school and Sunday, I want to wear green while I teach Henry's Sunday School class!

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P.S. It's not to late to do a good deed and enter my giveaway "35 Good Deeds for my 35th Birthday."


  1. I looked up what "purple out" for the JMU nationl was and I noticed that they have a school of social work... so it must be a good university :)

  2. I was so tired yesterday, I kept looking at the clock so I wouldn't forget to pick up one child or the other. I even made Ashley call me to remind me of what I was supposed to do and when! Some days are like that! --Lisa

  3. Rabia, I went to high school in Montgomery County, MD so I'm well aware of JMU! Have fun being purply.

  4. Online is one of my favourite ways to socialize, too! :)

  5. JMU is the university where I work.

  6. Fun Day fairs are so great! Hope yours is a huge success!


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