Monday, March 25, 2013

Anatomy of a Snow Day

5:55 am--Smile sweetly as your husband turns off the alarm so as not to wake you up after he checked your phone and noticed that your work was closed for the day.

6:30--Curse your body's natural rhythms that will not allow you to sleep in on an extra day off.

6:59--Hear the kids up and stirring. Incidentally, had it been a school day for them they would still be trying to sleep for the next 30 minutes.

7:30--Referee the first fight of the day.

8:00--Ask kids of get dressed and give thanks for the snow day since your son has absolutely no clean pants to wear today. Shorts it is!!

8:30--Make bacon and waffles in honor of National Waffle Day (and by "make" I mean "put in toaster)

8:45--Watch TV while eating breakfast. Sing along to the Umizoomi theme song.

9:00--Referee second fight of the day.

9:45--Take TV break to clean up living room.

9:50--Ignore whining about forced cleaning.

10:15--Turn TV back on.

11:00--Serve snack of crackers and cheese even though it should almost be lunch time.

11:15--Reluctantly give in to the oldest's request to get out her microscope.

11:16--Referee fight (3rd) about whose turn it is with the microscope.

12:00--Start blog post about snow days instead of cooking lunch. Watch as children's eyes glaze over in front of the TV.

12:10--Wonder about the possibility of naps for any of your kids.

12:15--Reluctantly get up and make lunch. PBJs day three!!!


  1. I know all about referring fights. We did that a lot for Spring Bring.

  2. Ironically, your post strongly resembles my Spring Break Day 1 schedule. I am feeling your pain sister! ;)


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