Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ponytail Epiphany

Moms of daughters!!  I had an epiphany this morning that I feel the need to share with you.  Frances has long hair.  She likes having long hair.  She is old enough to take care of her own hair.  I have told her she needs to comb it every morning and every night.  She wears it in a ponytail at night to keep it from getting too tangled.  But still her hair is a mess. It looks like this:
That's a picture I found by searching for "rat nest."
Last night after her shower, I had to take a break from combing her hair because my arms got tired.  And it wasn't because it was wet; it was because it was so tangled at the base of her neck. 

I finally got it combed out smoothly (you should see my biceps now!) and put it in a braid to keep it nice until morning.

This morning I reminded her to comb it out nicely again.  When she was eating breakfast I noticed that she had put it in a ponytail for the day.  That's when the epiphany occurred.  When she puts her hair in a ponytail she doesn't wind the band very tightly.  That causes it to come loose during the day.  When my ponytail gets loose, I tend to split my hair in two pieces and  pull out to make it tighter.  So I asked Frances if that is what she did.  I was thinking that might have something to do with her tangles.  But, no; that's not what she does.  WHAT SHE DOES IS WORSE!!

Apparently, when her ponytail feels loose, so holds onto the hair band and pushes it back up towards her head.  She is essentially teasing her hair repeatedly throughout the day.  And those of us who grew up in the 80s know what that does to your hair.
I feel sorry for her when she tries to comb that out!
So hopefully we have come to the end of this mess with her hair.  I may not actually have to follow through with my threat of cutting it all off. 

Does this happen with any one else's daughters?  Have you found a solution that works?  I don't want to make her cut it, but my t-shirt sleeves won't fit anymore if I have to keep fighting these tangles!!  (Plus giant biceps aren't really the look I am going for!)


  1. I'm right there with you. My daughter has long, beautiful hair and she loves it, but hates to have it brushed or combed or even put in a ponytail. She likes it long and free and wild and in her face and it drives me bonkers! She looks like a homeless vagabond half the time. It also doesn't help that my husband "does it" before school. She doesn't even care that Rapunzle brushes her hair. I'm half tempted to shave it off and call it a day.

    Stopping by from SITS

  2. Will she let you braid it for her? My sister and I used to have long hair when we were kids and our dad would braid it every night so we woke up with no tangles.

    1. Oh duh you do braid it for her... Maybe get some clips instead of ponytail holders? Or have her re-do the ponytail if it starts falling out?

  3. O.M.G!!!! That really IS a ponytail epiphany! I just thought girls would know how to tighten their ponytails as you said...but probably not! I just asked my 9yo and she didn't know how to do it either. When her pony gets too low she takes it out and puts it back in fresh...which is why her pony is always so low when I pick her up from school even though I send her to school with a high pony. (she can't do a high pony without a brush and she does this sitting at her desk. So now...thanks to you...*I've* had a ponytail epiphany today, too!!
    I've got to teach her how you tighten a pony!! Yay!

  4. It’s amazing all the little things that need to be taught to kids. My three year old doesn’t even tighten her ponytail. And we both have fine, flyaway hair; which means that at the end of the day her ponytail is hanging down and hair is all in her face. It’s a total mess. Hopefully your daughter’s hair will be more manageable from now on!

  5. My oldest daughter has ridiculously thick hair, so I'm familiar with your problem here. Unfortunately, I never found a great solution except using TONS of detangler. Now my daughter is old enough to be doing her own hair and it's her problem now, lol.

  6. My daughter has super thin hair. She won't let me brush it for long because she says it hurts so a lot of the time, her hair looks like Einstein's hair. Oh well.

  7. There is a de-tangling spray my girls use now but when they were in school. I put it in braids and looped it back into tied bows, or french braided it, every morning until they were big enough to do it themselves. They have long, curly Irish hair and I found it was the only thing that worked. They didn't like short hair so we had to learn french braiding. One school official actually complained about the twins' hair when it wasn't braided. ???


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