Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a gorgeous weekend here! I had told the kids they needed to clean their room and then we could go out. It took them forever, but we finally managed to get it cleaned and organized.  I finally took the crib out.  Ben and Henry have been sharing Henry's bed for about a month now and the crib was just in the way.  Removing it made room for a cabinet my mom had painted for Frances when she was a baby.
It was originally toys and book storage. Then we took it down to the basement and it full of books.  Now it houses shoes and clothes for the week.  It also has hooks on the sides for backpacks and coats, so those finally have a home!! Plus, it leaves a lot more floor space for the kids in their room.  Ultimately, I would like to move Frances upstairs, but that is a HUGE task and we are making TINY progress.

When they were done cleaning, we walked up to the playground at the church up the street.  They've gotten rid of a lot of the structures they had, but the still have swings and a slide and my kids were happy.

We played until they got hungry and then walked back home for lunch.  Benjamin took a nap and some of the neighborhood kids came by to play with Frances and Henry.

Sunday Ken had inventory at work, so he couldn't come to Mass with us, but we survived.  We took our weekly trip to the grocery store while Frances was in Sunday school and I learned that I am not as young as I used to be.

We apparently have a tradition of stopping by the deli counter to get meat and cheese for the coming weeks' sandwiches.  The boys like to dance around the counter yelling about "Bowby Jack" which the deli ladies have all figured out to mean that they would like some Colby-jack cheese.  Well this week I knew we still had plenty of cheese.  I also knew that if I tried to walk past the deli that the boys would get upset (even though I had already told them we didn't need any cheese).  So my grand idea was to go around the store in the opposite direction.  I CAN'T REMEMBER THE LAST TIME I WAS THIS CONFUSED!! I had to back track three times because I passed what I was looking for.  I will never try that again! But I managed to avoid the deli counter and I saved $40 with sales and coupons, so I'm still writing it down as a success.

Try your regular grocery store backwards sometime and let me know how it goes.  Am I the only one that directionally challenged?


  1. I love that cabinet, it's so cute! I always seem to get lost in grocery stores. No matter how many times I've been there or which way I go, there is always something I can't locate.

    1. Thanks! My mom worked really hard on it before Frances was born. I was sad when the room was too small for it, so I am glad to have it back. And ecstatic to have a place where the kids can hang their coats!!

  2. I'm the worst in the grocery store. I always get lost, forget what I need, and have to double back several times. We just moved so now I have to figure out how to navigate a brand new store. I swear I may just revert to shopping online.

    1. I am fine in my regular grocery store in the regular direction, but everything else is confusing. Even if I go to the Food Lion across town I get lost! I should also confess that I frequently lose my car at the mall because I can't remember where I parked!! :)


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