Friday, January 11, 2013

My boys: I Think I Might be Doing Something Right

My boys fight. They seem to know the perfect ways to get on each other's nerves. Yesterday afternoon when I picked them up from after-school care/daycare, Henry wanted a piggy back ride.  My parenting style has been such that I am trying to say "yes" whenever possible so the "no's" are less jarring.  Plus Frances had violin lessons and I was only getting the boys. 

I piggy-backed him all the way across the parking lot to Benjamin's day care. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love having all three kids in the same place each afternoon?) When I picked up Benjamin he immediately started whining for a piggy back ride. Now I am stuck!

I can physically carry both boys. (They aren't that heavy, mom, honest!!). I can carry one on each hip. I can carry both in front. I can carry Henry on my back and Benjamin in front. The only two things I can't do are carry both boys on my back (because that's crazy talk!) or carry Benjamin on the back and Henry in front. (Mainly because it makes me lopsided, but also because Henry asked first and he was already comfortable.)

So Benjamin was mad.  He was mad at me, but mostly he was mad at Henry.  And I guess technically, "mad" is the wrong word. "Jealous" is more accurate.  I was at the point where somebody was going to be crying, I just hoped it wasn't going to be me. 

We got it figured out finally when Benjamin opted for the "monkey-front." and we managed to get into the car without tears.

The boys had a few spats over toys and personal space as Ken and I were getting dinner ready, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Benjamin got so excited when I said we were having spaghetti because he LOVES "sauce!"  and "Noo-noos!" Then he had a bit of a breakdown when he saw that I had put mushrooms in the sauce.

Never fear! Big Brother to the rescue!! First Henry took all the mushrooms he could see off of Benjamin's plate.  Then Benjamin found one more, but it was covered in those "noo-noos" he loves so much.  So Henry speared the mushroom and then let Benjamin eat the noodles before taking the mushroom for his own.  Aren't they sweet?? I must be doing something right!


  1. Look at those beautiful children! Of course you are doing something right!!

  2. You absolutely are! You have a beautiful family. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Blessings!

  3. Ha! My girls are doing better lately, but they have times when they fight like cats & dogs - especially the two oldest. Moment like those - when they get along and maybe even help each other - are so refreshing and reassuring!


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