Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Friendly Trolling on the Internet--Updated

Ken and I are catching up on Grimm (no spoilers please, we are behind).  We watched another episode last night that mentioned a specific kind of creature called a "Wendigo."  Ken gives me one of those "looks" when they started talking about the creature.

Me: Why are you looking at me like that??
Ken: Wendigo?? Don't you remember??
Me: Obviously not.  What about it?
Ken: That's the same thing they were fighting on episode something or other of Supernatural {another show we are way behind on}.
Me: Oh.  I don't really remember.

So, since I have my iPad next to me I got it out and Googled this creature.  You can see the page your self right here.  You might want to check it out soon though, because I'm pretty sure it's been trolled.
Click to enlarge

You see, the wendigo is a supernatural cannibalistic creature that features heavily in some Native American mythology.  I don't really think it has ever been featured in an episode "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic."

Speaking of trolls, yesterday someone mentioned that the Google street views had recently been updated for my town.  So of course, I went to check it out.  The link she had posted led downtown about ten blocks from my house.  I decided to "drive" to my house on the street view (I'm full of excitement, can't ya tell!?!) and see what it looked like. As I was "turning" into my neighborhood I noticed a maroon van.  It was my parents' van! I zoomed in on it and I could even see my mom waving at the camera!!

I emailed my mom, dad, and brothers in my excitement.  My younger brother emailed me back and said I'd given him the wrong link.  So I re-did it and sent him a new link. Apparently that one was still wrong.  So I gave him direction for how to get there himself and I included a screen shot of the van.

He responded by saying, "That's not them...van is the wrong color"

I shot back with a very mature " It is TOO! What are you talking about??! :P"

His reply was a troll face.

Continuing with my theme of immaturity, I said

And he responded with a picture that made me so sad that I will not post it here: A picture of Mr. Rogers flipping the bird!! (He was singing "Where is Thumbkin?" just in case you were as traumatized as I was upon hearing about it.)

So how about you? Seen any good trolls lately?

I am updating to add that my friend Gina over on facebook pointed out that such an episode of "My Little Pony" does exist. You can see a clip from it here:  You learn something new (and sometimes disturbing) everyday!!


  1. You never know, I've seen stories about writers of shows who don't research their references carefully and end up featuring something that makes no sense in the context of the show. Or, that page was trolled. :)

  2. My husband loves Grimm, but it mostly just has me confused. But I totally Google stuff about shows I'm watching, while watching them. Glad I'm not the only one.

  3. LOL You could have just said look at the license plate!

    I was just dropping by since you were so kind as to comment on my blog on Monday when I was the SITS featured blogger. Also, I'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this Friday if you'd like to come back by and check it out that would be excellent!

    Your fellow SITStah,
    Sara Ivy


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