Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Four Day Weekend Recap

Part of me wanted to write out separate posts for all the things that have been going on over the last few days, but the sane (haha), rational part of me took over to write an update all in one post!

The kids were out of school on Friday for a teacher workday at the end of the grading period.  I dropped Benjamin off at his preschool because I thought it would be nice for the big kids to have a day that wasn't tied to a naptime for once.  Frances' friend from school, Robert, came over to play and we went to the Children's Museum.I love this museum and I really wish we took advantage of it more often.  The kids were pretending that they lived on a farm and had to do their farm chores before they went to work at their other jobs.  So they "woke up" and milked the cows, mowed the grass, and groomed the horse. They also did some work in the garden.

 According to Frances and Robert, their real jobs are as doctors.  They went to take care of a patient in the ambulance and hone their surgery skills.

 Then they took a break and went to produce a play for the theater. Starring: Spiderman, Spider Girl, and Spider Kid.

After a great time at the museum we went home to have lunch and Robert's mom came to pick him up.

Saturday morning, the big kids' after-school program had a pancake fundraiser at Applebee's.  For $5 you could have all the pancakes you cared to eat served by some rather delightful 5th and 6th graders in the program.  Ken didn't have to work until the afternoon, so all five of us got to go.  We had a lot of fun and raised almost $1000!

My friend Julie came too and she sat behind us so the kids talked over the top of the booth the whole time we were waiting.  Then she took her kids to gymnastics and we headed home.  She texted me in the middle of the day to see if we were up for a dinner get-together, so we said sure and headed over to her place after naptime.  We made personal pizzas and the kids played and ran around (literally "ran" as in Henry had an asthma attack from being so wound up!!)

Benjamin stalking the pizzas!

Sunday we went to church and did our weekly shopping trip and hung around the house.  Ken had the day off Sunday, so it was nice to have him home for a change.

Monday I had the day off from work, but the kids had school.  I'm not going to lie and try and say I was productive, but I did fold some laundry while I continued my Buffy/Angel marathon on Netflix.  I also went to school to have lunch with the kids.  I commented later that it will not be too far in the future when my kids will not hold my hand in the hallway or sit on my lap in the cafeteria, so for now I will really treasure it.  I love it when I walk in the classrooms and all the other kids start yelling, "Henry! It's your mommy!!"  or "Frances, your mommy's here!"  And they all call me "Frances' mommy" or "Henry's mommy."  I had five or six kids ask me if they could sit next to me, but of course I only have two sides and one of them is for my own kid.  It seems to make my kids feel so special and I love doing it.  I really need to make a point to go more often.

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. Love the pretend play at the museum!!


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