Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bedtime Banter

Scene: Frances and Henry are done with baths and getting their pajamas on.

FJ: Henry, do you know whose nightgown this used to be?
HC: No.
FJ: It was Mommy's.  When she was a little girl.  Do you know whose bed you're sleeping in?
HC: No.
FJ: It was Uncle Dan's. I have Daddy's.
HC: They used to live here?
FJ: {laughing} No.  They used to sleep in those beds when they were little.  And one of them used to be at Papa's house before we brought it here.
HC: Was that before Papa was old?

Henry finally gets his pajama bottoms on. They are too big for him, so he usually rolls the waist band down.

HC: Mommy! I think these might...Nope. Never mind. {looking down at the waist which is still too big.}
FJ: Henry!! I think you shrunk in the wash!! {pointing to the shower}


  1. So cute! I miss those cute conversations with the kids. Love that you are recording them.

    1. They crack me up sometimes! The best part is going back a few years and re-reading some of those conversations.

  2. Shrunk in the wash!! That's great!!


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