Monday, December 3, 2012

Mega Millions

Hi. My name is Rabia and I bought a PowerBall ticket.  Something about the allure of infinite millions and I couldn't resist. I stuck it in my pocket and went to pick up the kids from school.  Then we went home and I made dinner just like any other night.  We did some clean up and I put the kids to bed.  Then, as I sat on the couch to relax for the evening, I realized that I could be holding a winning lottery ticket.
I had some time before the drawing, so I got online to do some daydreaming.  What in the world would I spend $550 million dollars on??  I did some house shopping online, but there weren't many houses in the area I would like.  It didn't occur to me that with $550 million I could build a house pretty much anywhere I wanted! Or buy a house and completely remodel it.  I guess I am not used to thinking like a multimillionaire. I was having so much fun that I didn't get around to picking out new vehicles before I got tired and went to bed.
When Ken and I woke up the next morning, we had a discussion about what we would do with a million dollars.  A million seems easier to wrap my head around. Here's how we spent our million:
$300,000 for a new house-one where everyone has their own room, Ken and I each have a room for ourselves (a hunting room and a crafting room), a playroom for the kids, more than one bathroom and a nice yard.
$100,000 to fix up our current house.  Our plan calls for renovating it and then renting it out to ensure some future income.
$100,000 for two new vehicles for us.
$300,000 into the kids college funds ($100,000 each)
$100,000 to pay off all our bills (I realize in hindsight that this probably wouldn't cover all of them, but it's just a fantasy, so go with it)
$100,000 to cover taxes from all of the above.  Again I realize that it is probably not enough, but we overestimated on some of the other things anyway.

One million dollars went pretty easily.  Other than upgrading our living and driving conditions, I don't feel like our lives would change drastically.  Yeah, we wouldn't have to worry as much about paying our bills and providing for our family, but we would still work and send the kids to school and do other things we are doing now.

What about you?  What would you do with a million dollars?  How much money would it take for you to quit your job and move to an island in the South Pacific?  Or what would you do with a huge payout??

P.S. I did win with my PowerBall ticket!!  A big whopping $4!!! :)


  1. at least you say you won something! ;) The graphic at the beginning had me laughing.

    1. I still haven't cashed in my ticket, though!! Can't decide if I should take a payout or "re-invest" it!! :)


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