Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reunion in Front Royal

Stacey, Treasa and I used to work together at the day care.  Stacey taught the twos, Treasa had the threes, and I was in preschool.  We had a unique relationship in that we were all mothers and that affected our teaching as well as our free time.  We couldn't get together after work like the other teachers could and many of our conversations centered around children and spouses.
Don't get me wrong-the other teachers were great people; but there is something about people in a similar stage of life that makes for great friendships.  Plus, I taught Stacey's son, Stacey taught my son, and Treasa taught my daughter and Stacey's girls.  It's great being best friends with your kids' teachers!
Treasa left the day care to move closer to her family in NOVA.  Stacey and I eventually left too. And we tried to keep up a friendship, but life often gets in the way of that sort of thing.
We did keep in touch on facebook though, and Stacey and I still see each other fairly regularly because we are still local to each other.
We had often talked about getting together somewhere in between and Stacey finally stepped in and made the plans.  We met at a park in Front Royal on Saturday.  Treasa brought one of her daughters and her granddaughter.  Stacey and I each brought our three.
We let the kids play and had a chance to catch up with each other and just spend time together.  I didn't get a lot of pictures because we were too busy talking, but Stacey took some group shots and hopefully I can snag one to add here.  My kids all enjoyed the swings.
Ladies, I'm glad we had a chance to get together again!  As Treasa said, let's not make it another three years! And Stacey, you couldn't have picked better weather!!  Love you gals!!

July 2009 (Treasa, Stacey, Rabia)

November 2012 (Treasa, Stacey, Rabia)

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