Friday, November 2, 2012

Look for Circles

According to some sources, today is "Look for Circles Day."  So I did! And I found some and took some pictures. Enjoy:

I LOVE this cuticle cream! Especially during the winter.

electrical tape

my phone

red lights on the way to work

Benjamin's glue/shaving cream creation from school


my computer

Caldecott book

floor receptacles


JMU beads

my earrings
Where do you see circles around you?


  1. Glad you celebrated Look for Circles Day! I just washed a load of dishes (NOT my favorite thing in the world) and, thought "There's a circle and there's a circle and . . . "
    Other than the utensils, our dishes are almost entirely circles!

  2. I have a lot of circles to wash when I get home tonight too! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you don't mind I linked to your blog.


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