Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Fill Ins

1. I was trying really hard to remember to bring the art supplies to work this morning. (But I forgot).
2. Beware of your children when the moon is full!!
3. When we went trick-or-treating everyone had fun.
4. My job is the best!
5. Underneath it all is where you will find the real me.
6. Oh! And thanks for reading all my blog ramblings.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to movie night with the kids (and getting them packed for Grandma's house), tomorrow my plans include Henry's last soccer game of the season and celebration lunch at Cici's and Sunday, I want to figure out what to do with the house all to myself!



  1. I must say...I am jealous of your Sunday!

  2. Oh, it doesn't happen often!! My husband is going hunting and my kids are going to Grandma's til Tuesday. I can't decide if I want to clean all weekend or read...

  3. Oh Dear, that would not be a dilemma for me...papers, yarn, books...oh my!

  4. Read! You can always clean some other day, enjoy the peace.

  5. If only I could have the house all to myself....

  6. thanks for stopping by...i had to come and see what you had for friday fill-ins too! i liked your circles above as well....


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