Monday, November 12, 2012


The time change was hard on them.  Despite trying to stay up late at night, they both woke up at the "old" time.  They did, however, refuse to get out of bed. It actually made for a nice time to lay together and talk to each other, without the interruptions that usually plagued their conversations.  The kids were still adjusting, too, so their conversations didn't always get far. 
So it was, that morning, they were laying in bed and talking about nothing much at all when they both heard the THUMP.  They were both pretty good at deciphering the thumps they heard from the room across the hall.  Some of them simply meant that someone was rolling over in bed.  There was one that meant someone had just dropped a stuffed animal.  And the distinctive one that meant someone had just knocked his head into the side of the crib. 
This THUMP was the one that indicated someone out of bed, so they both got quiet. Sometimes, if they were lucky, they could pretend to still be asleep and no one would bother them.  They heard the sound of footsteps heading toward the bathroom. Good! That usually indicated an early morning potty stop before going back to bed.  Plus the bedroom door hadn't shut.  The girl never shut the bedroom door, while the boy always did.  That's the first way they could tell who was out of bed.  The second sign was how loudly the toilet lid crashed up against the tank.  The girl was much more quiet in that respect. 
But the sound of the toilet lid never came.  And the footsteps sounded like they were just wandering.  They looked at each other quizzically.  Who was out of bed? They clues were inconclusive; contrasting even.
Then their bedroom door creaked.  It slowly opened just a bit and then stopped.  Then it flung open with a CRASH against the foot board of the bed! It was the boy then. He's the noisier one.  They both rolled their eyes knowing that, despite the darkness outside, their day would be getting started now.  She sat up in bed to peek at her son; and then lay back with a laugh. It was her son; just not the one she was expecting!  The littlest one peeked over the side of the bed and started to climb.
"I got out my crib! All by myself!!" he said.
And that was the morning the littlest Lieber perfected his climbing skills.


  1. Thanks for introducing me to your blog with the sweet comment at my "house".

    That is so cute, the THUMP. Congratulations to the littlest Lieber.

    One year I heard that THUMP, and it was the twins. Both of them had climbed up and into the top chest of drawers drawer, and the whole thing fell over, tumbling them out, and blocking the door. Since they were only 2 no amount of talking them through straightening out the mess would work, and I had to break a window to get in to them. Ah, the memories. lol

  2. BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! OH I HATE THAT DAY!!! I am so ridiculously paranoid about that, that I took my 2 year old out of his crib literally ON his 2nd birthday because he was starting to climb and since he's on the 2nd floor I wanted to make sure I knew when he was "locked down" It's crazy!

    Isn't it crazy you can tell the sounds, the crashes, the bumps, who flushes, who shuts the door all the way, who turns the tv on too loud, etc. Easily discernible.


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