Saturday, September 29, 2012

Trot, Trike, Treasure Triathlon

Try saying that title three times fast!!

Smart Beginnings is a local coalition dedicated to making sure that all kids enter Kindergarten with the skills needed to thrive.   I became interested in them when I was teaching Preschool.  I stayed interested because I think they do great work and because I have kids in their demographic.  So when I heard about their latest fundraiser, I just had to sign up!!
The Charity Tot Trot was a Triathlon for kids ages 2-5.  The first part was a vehicle race; kid-powered vehicle, that it: scooter, ride-on toy, bicycle, etc.  The second part was a treasure hunt, and the last leg was a foot race. I registered both boys because I figured that if we got there and Benjamin didn't want to participate then we would have just made a nice donation to a charity that we believe in.  But if we got there and he wasn't registered, and wanted to participate, then we might be in trouble!
 We got there and got our registration information.  The boys both got a tag with a number on it, just like in a real triathlon. 

 Benjamin was supposed to ride his scooter, but whenever he sees Henry's bike he throws a fit for it, and some things just aren't worth fighting! Benjamin's heat (2-3 year olds) was first. I ended up pushing him on the bike because he can't reach the ground on it. I stayed in the back, so it wouldn't look like we were cheating!  When we got close to the part where he would have to put down the bike, I started telling him that over and over again: "Buddy, when we get up to that line we have to put the bike down and go look for a gold medal!!"  Did that work?? Not really. He still got upset when he had to put the bike down, but we bribed him with the gold medal.  He found that and put it around his neck, but then he wouldn't go to the finish line. He was upset because the CHick-Fil-A cow was standing at the finish line to meet the winners.  And he hates that cow!! I actually had to go over and say to the cow, "Mr. Cow, do you mind moving? You make my boy a little nervous and I think he's have an easier time finishing if you moved!"  Of course, the cow graciously moo-ved over (ya see what I did there??) and Benjamin finished the race!!
After that we walked around and looked at the vendor information they had. They had a little crossword-type puzzle and if you visited all the booths and had them sign your paper, you could turn your paper in for three chances to win some toys. The boys also rode around the parking lot a bit while we were waiting.
Then it was Henry's turn.  This is his "game face!"
 There were a lot of really big five-year olds in his heat (4-5 year old), but  we told him that the purpose was to have fun and as long as he had fun he would be a winner!  He rode his bike and I ran after him cheering.  Then he got off to get his medal and I kept cheering. Then he noticed how many kids were already in front of him and got a little bit upset, so I ran over with him and cheered even louder.  Then I ran behind him to the finish line. The whole time I was running, I was wondering if I looked like an idiot, but not really caring!! He finished the race and had Frances there to meet him. (She actually ran ahead of him for the last leg, it was kinda funny!) When I caught up to Henry, he had a HUGE grin on his face. "Mommy, I finished!! And I had fun!!  SO I WON!!!!"
 After Henry's heat they gave prizes for the top three finishers and started handing out the raffle prizes.  Frances won this Disney Princess Magic Rise Oven, which thankfully only bakes pretend pies and cupcakes.  
She was so excited, but it made Henry upset that he hadn't gotten a prize too.  Some sweet girl behind him came over and told him what an awesome job he had done and handed him two free ice cream coupons for McDonald's.  He felt better right away!
 So after all was said and done, that's where we went!

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