Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walk to School Day

Every year the kids' school participates in International Walk to School Day.  We first joined in when Frances was in Kindergarten, and have happily walked to school every year since then.  This year, Ken had to go to Ruckersville early in the morning, so I was on my own.

 Ken snapped a picture before we left. I took my JMU pompoms to work with me because I need them there for a secret project. We used them on the way to cheer ourselves on!

As we went up the street we saw some other neighborhood kids walking to school, so we invited them to join us.

They walked with me while Frances and Henry ran ahead.  Can you see them in this picture?  Henry is next to the middle tree-you can barely see the blue of his backpack.

We dropped the kids off at school and I started walking back with Benjamin in the stroller.  The best part about this event is that all the kids at the school get to participate-even if they normally ride the bus-because the buses take the kids three blocks down the street and drop them off.  On the way home, Benjamin and I had to swim against the tide of all these other kids walking to school. It was great!  The police were out there directing traffic and high-fiving kids.  All the teachers and principals were out there along with community volunteers and other parents.  It really is fun and I'm glad we got to participate again this year!

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