Monday, October 1, 2012

Do you keep your cream cheese in the dryer?

Scene: Dad is in the kitchen making lunches for school. Mom is in the basement switching loads of laundry.  Almost 9-year old daughter (who is supposed to be getting her breakfast) walks from dining room, past kitchen, down to basement.

Frances: Mommy, do we have any cream cheese? 
Me: {thinking}: Not in the dryer, we don't!
Ken: {from upstairs} Did you really just walk past me in the kitchen to go ask you mom that??

Does this happen to anyone else?  I am a fortunate woman. I have a husband who cooks, clean, and helps around the house. He plays with his kids. He packs their lunches and puts them on the bus. He also works weird hours, and doesn't get to spend much time with them on the weekends (although he has re-arranged his work schedule so that he can help coach Henry's soccer team).  Like most moms (that I know of) I do most of the day-to-day parenting. But even when he's home, they act like he's not there. Frances and Henry both do it. They will walk right past him sitting on the couch and come ask me to tie their shoes while I'm in the bathroom putting on my makeup.  Or they will ask me to pour them more milk at dinner when the jug is sitting right in front of him.  It drives me crazy and it hurts his feelings.  Are my kids the only ones who do this?

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