Sunday, October 21, 2012

Carter Mountain Apple Orchard

This Saturday we made our annual trip to Carter Mountain Apple Orchard to pick apples.  My friend Stacey introduced us a few years ago, and we have gone back every year since. The drive over was BEAUTIFUL!!  The leaves are really changing and they are so many different colors. We took the long way there instead of the interstate so we could have a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery.  When we got there it was crowded! I assume there were a lot of people who wanted to take advantage of the weather.
We had brought supplies for a picnic lunch, but there were no tables left. We decided to just sit down on the grass to eat. It was quite windy up there and Henry complained that he was cold.  When I realized that I forgotten his jacket in the car, Ken went back to get it and I stayed with the kids to make sandwiches. Frances and Henry were sitting with me and Benjamin was wandering around. I was keeping an eye on him, but turned to look at something (a sandwich, probably) and lost track of him.  When I turned to look for him he was standing in front of a huge puddle with a delirious little glint in his eye.  Just as I started to yell to him, he got this huge grin on his face and *jump* *jump* *jump* went right through that puddle!! Frances and Henry started freaking out out! "MOMMY!'!!!!!" I look back at Benjamin and he had turned around and *jump* *jump* *jump* through the puddle again.  He looked so happy (and so soaking wet and muddy)! I figured what's done, is done and decided to just watch him jump his little heart out.  I can't decide if I want to laugh or cry thinking back on it.  I debated pulling out my camera, but I didn't want to encourage the behavior, so I decided not to.  I could just kick myself now for that decision.
By this time, Ken was walking back to us. I saw him as he first cleared the hill and he was walking towards us in a nonchalant manner. I could tell the exact instant that he saw Benjamin because his face contorted and he started to run. "NO!! Benjamin!!"  I yelled to Ken to leave him alone and explained my "what's done is done" philosophy.
After we ate lunch, I walked back to the van and grabbed Henry's soccer shorts and a spare pair sandals from the van.  The shorts were long enough to be almost pants and the waist was elastic, so they stayed up fine.  We got a map of the apples and headed out to pick some Fujis.  The rest of the trip was pretty ordinary. We picked about 23 pounds of apples, enjoyed some apple cider doughnuts, and drove home in time for Ken to fry up some catfish for dinner!
Want pics?

We didn't bring a pillow, so Ken improvised.

I have to trick Benjamin into getting a family photo!

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