Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.  It was...our weekend!!

Friday night the "bigs" had a great program at their after-school center. Some quilting people came in and talked with the kids about quilting and making memories. Each kid then got to tell a story by making a quilt square with lots of different fabrics. Then they let the kids sew the pieces all together with a sewing machine.  Frances didn't get her turn yet, but they said they would be coming back for a few Fridays to let all the kids finish.  After the quilting, they served dinner-pizza for the kids and soup for the adults.  I picked a really spicy vegetable soup. After Henry ate his pizza, he wanted some soup too. He picked the same one I did! And he ate it!!
After dinner, we walked home and get ready for bed. I don't know about you and yours, but by Friday my kids are zombies! They are so busy during the week and even though they go to bed early, they are going, going, going from 7 am to 8 pm.

Saturday morning Henry had a soccer game.  He was worse this week than last week, but still better than last year. And I am not talking about his soccer-playing abilities! His behavior last year was awful! He never wanted to go out on the field and he only wanted to run around and jump on his coach. This year, he has calmed down a bit. He still acts a little crazy with Ken, who is assistant coaching, but Henry has always had a hard time sharing Mom or Dad with other kids. I am happy that he (mostly) goes out on the field and runs around.  Yesterday he even kicked the ball (technically, someone kicked the ball towards him and it bounced off his foot in the correct direction, but that's just splitting hairs!) He's got a great coach and a great team, so I am hoping he really enjoys this season!

After the game we went home and had lunch. We had plans to go to Oktoberfest that afternoon, so I told the kids they all needed to take a nap.  They did not nap, however, and we ended up staying home. That's one of my least favorite parts of parenting! Knowing what's best for your kids and having them not believe you. I knew that in order for us to have a good time at Oktoberfest that everyone would need to be well-rested. When the bigs don't sleep, they keep Benjamin awake and they keep Ken and me from getting a break. If we had gone, everyone would have been cranky and it just didn't seem worth it. Everyone was pretty upset about not being able to go. I just pray that they might have learned something from this.
Sunday I got to teach Henry's Sunday school class for the first time this year. I remember those kiddos from when they were 3 and now they are sitting in the big-kid chairs, writing their names and cutting paper with scissors!! I get such a kick out of watching these guys grow up!

And just for kicks, here's Benjamin singing the Turtle Song (with a slight bit of the ABC song mixed in):

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