Monday, September 3, 2012

Following the Rules

On Sunday, the homily at church was about following rules. Our priest talked about the 10 Commandments. He likes to get people in the congregation to join in, so he frequently asks questions. When he asked for the 4th Commandment, I shouted out "Honor Your Father and Mother!" Frances glared at me!! He also talked about rules of the church, such as attending Mass, receiving Communion and paying attention.  I was trying really hard to pay attention during Mass, but Benjamin had other plans. 
He has been singing the ABC song at school and so he comes home and sings his own version of it. He's actually pretty good. He's gotten most of the letters down.  Well, on Sunday he decided that the music playing was for him.  Despite me repeatedly explaining to him that it was not his turn, he insisted on singing the ABC song every time the piano started! And he really wanted people to "Sing with me" when he got to the end!  I was trying to keep a straight face, but the people around us were laughing and so was Ken. After the readings, the music takes a bit of a break, so he stopped then, thankfully.
I asked him to sing it for me at home, so I could record it and he actually did (the other two seem to clam up when I turn on the camera). So here is Benjamin's singing debut:

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  1. Hhahahah he was really just singing so he could distract you while he found his pacifier.


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